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WHAT IS A WEBRING??  A webring is a  method to connect sites about the same subject and in this case it is about model and real trains in the tri state area . Surfers on the web may neavigate the ring by clicking on the " next' , "previous" ' or "random"   links. The idea is that if you continually press the "next " link you will evetually end up at the same site you started from. This is why it is called a RING !
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Bradco Web Services has purchased our domain at :

Bradco owns all sites at this domain and due to this factor there is no other company involved with codes etc.  Bradco manages many webrings and our webring homepage is at:


If you decide to join the webring you may either use the banners from or the code on this site!

This webring connects many websites about trains and model trains on Long Island and other locations.  even if your site s from another location and you beleive that it would interest people in this webring please feel free to join! I would love to see local hobby shops join the webring so that it is easiler for people to find their sites. the object of this webring is to help the train community find these sites!! All clubs and hobby stores which have a special offer please feel free to contact me and we will send it to all memebers of the webring!  If you have a website about trains hopefully this webring will increase the traffic to your website. Enjoy the WEB and take the express track with the LONG ISLAND TRAINS WEBRING!!!!!!!!!


NOTE:  To All Members of The Long Island Trains Webring

If you wish to make changes to your website you must associate your website with your e-mail address and any changes can be made by yourself. Unfortunately , I am not able to do this for you due to rules by and I would love to see this rule changed so I could help. But anyway , always feel free to contact me about any questions. To associiate your site at webring please go to WEBRING.COM and go to the Sign Me Up link and once you have done this click on Webring Migration link and then you can associate your site with your webring ID and can edit the information about the site or site address.




More detail information is at :


Simple Explaination

Go to the webring hub page and hit the join button in the upper right side. It will automatically give you code for the webring banner and if you desire to use the banner on this page you must still get the ID # from this page and insert  the # anywhere you see ID in the code.  To copy the code hit the C key and the control key at the same time and it will copy the code after you highlight the area which you wish to copy.  Then open the program where you edit your site   and place the cursor where you want the banner. if you are using a program like frontpage or any other automatic website program you must hit the HTML button which is usallly on the bottom of the page. to paste the code on your site hit the V key and the Control key at the same time and it will paste it onto your site! Now upload the page again and you are done!! hopefully by joining the webring it will increase the traffic to your site!!

Note-- You may customize your own banner as long as it works in the webring!!



CODE FOR BANNER--- You must insert your site ID # anywhere you see ID# in the code. There is also a instructions page at


<!--webbot bot="ImageMap" rectangle="(302,134) (350, 159)" rectangle="(240,132) (277, 157);list" rectangle="(310,101) (354, 124);id=1;next" rectangle="(230,97) (305, 124);id=1;prev" src="" border="0" width="365" height="165" startspan --><MAP NAME="FrontPageMap1"><AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="302, 134, 350, 159" HREF=""><AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="240, 132, 277, 157" HREF=";list"><AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="310, 101, 354, 124" HREF=";id=1;next"><AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="230, 97, 305, 124" HREF=";id=1;prev"></MAP><a href="_vti_bin/shtml.dll/trains.htm/map1"><img ismap usemap="#FrontPageMap1" border="0" height="165" src="" width="365"></a><!--webbot bot="ImageMap" endspan i-checksum="19046" -->





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Did you lose the html fragment you were supposed to put in your site? If you did, please e-mail the webmaster with your site ID, and he'll send you a copy of your code!  If you need any help in joining the webring please feel free to contact me at :

Also make sure you visit  our links page at my homepage where you may add your own linK!!

Hopefully the webring will make it easiler for most people to find the websites about our favorite hobby of trains ! Plus hopefully the webring will increase the traffic to your website!!

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