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Mark Lindsay has recently made a solo album which is called "Video Dreams" . I believe it is without a doubt his best work to date and should be part of everyone,s cd collection!!!!! You may order this cd from Mark Lindsay's website at :

Mark Lindsay------------


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Above is the cover to the recent video dreams cd!


Below a picture of Mark at a rcent Concert!

Mark Lindsay was just recently at the annual Cavestomp Concert in NYC.
Below is a picture of him as he got the young crowd really going with some
orginal Raiders songs! Just move proof that he still has what it takes to be
a major rock star .


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Below is the back cover of the cd video dreams

Here you can see the song listing of this great album!  Ambush ,
Broken Radio, Cold , Video Dreams, Out Of Control, Everlovin"
Club Dead, Tokyo Blues, Rouge On Blue , Release My Heart,
and Soldiers' Home !

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ambush---------------  This song reminds me of "Indian Reservation" except with a bit more bunch to the song as far as the beat.  I beleive Mark has found his true sound with this album.

broken radio-------------- This song Mark comes in even alittle stronger but still manages to keep it tuned down enough to enjoy the real music of the song.

cold-------------------  This song starts off with a small drum solo beating like  tom-toms and then a electric gituar breaks in with a beautiful instrumential and finally mark comes in with a soft vocal.

video dreams------------------This is a beautiful softer song with a very catchy beat in the meldey.
This is differently hit material. 

out of control----------- This song comes back with a stronger beat but again keeps it toned down as it goes into heavier musically but all blends together so beautifully.

everlovin'---------------  Now this song steps it up even more with a great tone change in the album at this point but still fits  together so unbeleivable.

club dead-------------  A decent gitar starts this song off  markpic6.JPG (9705 bytes)                                           
and then mark comes in with a slower song to change the tempo 
of the album .

tokyo blues--------------  This songs speeds the tempo  and is a fun song . It is amazing to hear mark's voice carry the word "blues" .

rouge on blue --------------  This is my favorite song of the ablum. This is a soft but very catchy song  as mark's beautiful voice sings red over blue , fire over blue , LOVE IT!  A trully beautiful song.

release ny heart-------------  This is one of those songs where mark sort of talks to you with a beautiful background music going and there is a point where a great string solo ends the song.

soldiers' home---------------  This song picks it up abit with a lovely melody but still gives you that driving beat . Here mark sings for peace on earth and no more war. This son has great lyrics and very nice beat and a great ending to the album.

Well , I feel if you have ever liked one of mark's many songs throughtout the years that this is an album which you will trully love. I feel this is his best work to date and I only hope he will continue to record such great albums as this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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you can  go to my Mark Lindsay solo career page and picture pages.



Mark was thinking of possible new album of either love songs and remaster Raiders songs. He also was thinking of his own chrsitmas album. We can only hope that he decides to make these albums so we have the oppartunity to hear mark again .

Also check out his website for his tour scedule so you can possibly hear one of these great songs and  purchased this great album/

Mark other solo albums are available at his website.

Write Mark at:




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