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Well The Mta orginally used a M1 car which was entirly electric which did look very simular to the above picture . However this picture is of a M2 which is a experimental electric/dissel

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Standard paint scheme during the MTA era


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1976 Logo


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1976 paint scheme . there were many experimental schemes which someday we maybe albe to show or at least descibe.


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1976 paint scheme witha train coming from the other direction with the basic paint scheme.
Also notice the paint scheme on the passenger cars with the first car having the new scheme with the  blue strip below the window and the other cars having the blue strip through the windows.

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Picture of the new Double decker cars.


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New Engine for the double decker trains.

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NOTE: Hopefully I will be able to add more pictures and more desribitions of the different paint schemes which the railroad has used and the different cars which the railroad has used. If you have any pictures of the LIRR and wish to trade pictures with me please contact me since i love new pictures of the railroad. I have approximately five picture albums of the railroad.  Please note that all pictures on this site are protected by copywrite by the Bradco Web design cororation. This site is in no way connected to the LIRR and is for Hobby use only.


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Picture of a new IRT subway car on the New York and Atlantic frieght train.

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