History of The Railroad

The Long Island Railroad started as part of the Pennsylvania Railroad  and 1950 the transistion started to make the Long Island railroad a separate company which lasted until 1965 when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority took over the company. The railroad had many different paint schemes during it's history and I hope to show most of them or at least describe the other paint schemes which the railroad tested or did use. Hopefully I can also show some of the unusal cars which the railroad has used.

lirrlopr.JPG (3930 bytes)

Symbol of the railroad during the PRR era.

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The Railroad Used The PRR colors

Green engines with yellow writing on it and the marroon color passenger cars. Above is a train with a Postal car delivering the mail.

lirrpen2.JPG (21920 bytes)

Above is a green engine with the transition color passenger cars in the background. The passenger cars were a different color grey than the later cars and were a lighter grey with a white roof and white inset windows.

lirrlo2.JPG (5514 bytes)

The first Logo of the railroad after it became a separate company.

lirrrd.JPG (22959 bytes)

Above is my favorite color scheme. The grey is a lighter color than the later grey and the roof is white and the outline is red.


lirrdash.JPG (7902 bytes)

The famous Dashing Dan of the Long Island railroad.  There were some other veriations of this logo one being the Weekend Chief.

lirrgre.JPG (35490 bytes)

Above is a engine which I would like to add to my model train layout. This color scheme is rarely seen . This as you can tell was a green body color with the orange ends and the white lettering.

GENERAL NOTE--There was also a Weekend Chief Logo during this era.

lirrotri.JPG (26212 bytes)

This paint scheme is more commonly seen . the grey body with the orange triangle .
dashgdot.jpg (7818 bytes)

lirrorg.JPG (31147 bytes)

During this era there were many variations of the paint schemes.  Their was a C liner with the entire noise orange and one with only the lower half which was orange. Their was some engines with a blue strip in the grey body.  their was a silver inland window scheme and a scheme with the roof white and another with the roof black.

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