Lindenhurst Historical Society

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This is an unofficial website for the society. This website shows the Lindenhurst Long Island Railroad station which is now located just west of the present station in Lindenhurst.

This station was taken out of service in 1973 when the Long Island Railroad elevated the tracks in the area. The original station was built in 1901.  The Historical Society has intentions of adding a caboose to the freight station with some help from Engine #35 in Oyster Bay.

The society may also be looking for a passenger car to put on this site.  If anyone has  any information on where the society can get these items please contact them.


Pictures of the Perseved site

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1901-- through -- 1973 LIRR Station in Lindenhurst

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To the left is the Passenger Station and to the right is the Freight Station

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Track recently laid by Engine 35 crew.

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Inside the stations are many artifacts of the era.

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Hopefully tracks will be laid here for a passenger car.

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The 33 mile marker from NYC which was located on the original LIRR tracks.

The site has added a caboose from this era and hopefully will be painting
it in the LIRR paint scheme of this era. I have taken pictures of it and will soon add them to the website.


Historic Pictures


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Lindenhurst -- 1928

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Present day Photos by Tom Brady

Historic photos by Ron Zeil


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Hopefully we will have more to show you shortly if present plans are followed through and the site receives the caboose and passenger car  that the society is hopeing for the site.     WELL---Here Is The Caboose -soon to be painted!

Picture of the Wantagh Site

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