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  Lindy Lines

Brady Branch 

Train set is still under construction!

Train Room 16x18

Website for train set still under construction!

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This is a picture of the lower main level HO scale layout.

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This picture is of the lower main level of the Ho scale layout at the edge of town near the start of the mountains.

tr-ho-42.JPG (74594 bytes)

A picture of the main town area on the Ho scale layout.

tr-ho52.JPG (83255 bytes)

Another picture of the main town on the HO scale layout.


tr-ho62.JPG (70092 bytes)crossing.gif (5056 bytes)

The Industrial section of the HO scale layout.

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tr-L-12.JPG (21762 bytes)

The  top south track of the                                                   O gauge shelf layout which is 5x8 and  This the top shelf track which is a separate loop than the main upper o gauge loop ,it has basically all the post war military cars in the  train .

tr-L-22.JPG (26833 bytes)

Another shot of the same track in a different spot.

tr-L-32.JPG (71651 bytes)

The east wall on the top main O gauge layout.

tr-L-42.JPG (67557 bytes)

This shows the east wall of the top Ho layout and the O scale Gang car track.         SSRRBLock.jpg (1405 bytes)

trunde3.JPG (53067 bytes)

This shows the 2ft high HO layout and the one foot high layout.crossing.gif (5056 bytes)

tr-unde2.JPG (17423 bytes)

    beaconfor train.gif (31405 bytes)

This shows the race car layout under the main table at one foot high.  This set does not have a slot.
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~ Tom Brady

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