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Suffolk Sunrise Railroad

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The Long Island Rairoad


This page shows real pictures of the Long Island Railroad throughout the railroad's

history. I have attempted to put pictures on this page which would show all the

different paint schemes which the railroad has used throughout it's history.

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This shows an RS-3 with a Postal car directly behind the engine.

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This shows the two main engine used by the MTA when they took

over the Long Island Railroad.

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This is the first paint scheme which the Long Island Railroad

used after breaking away from the Pennsylvania Railroad.


tr-LIRR4.JPG (21063 bytes)

This shows a orginal double decker electric car along with the

present M-1 electric car.

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tr-LIRR5.JPG (17997 bytes)

This shows the test train for the new double decker cars

which the railroad has bought and is expecting to receive


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This shows the 1976 bicintential paint scheme.


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This is the 1964 Worlds Fair paint scheme.

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This is a picture of the M-1 car which the LIRR uses plus they also have a M-3 car which is the car with the ac in the center of the car . The Railroad will soon be getting some new M-5 cars.

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The LIRR new Double decker cars and new Engines.

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Long Island Hobby Stores

Trainworld-/ Trainland-.
Phone#- 516-5997080

Willis Hobby
Phone#- 516- 7463944

Dollhouse Junction

J&D Hobbies
Phone# - 516-4278117
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The Caboose

J.J.B. Custom Products
Long Island Railroad Decals and Cars
Phone#-- 516- 8421843
Evenings only

The Train Factory

Hicksville Hobby
Phone# 516- 8228259

F&F Custom Trains
Long Island RR Cars

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Note : If you know of other Hobby shops on Long Island ,Please contact me at

Also -- If you go to our LI Train webring you will find many other great sites plus a large links board which you may add your own link!

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~ Tom Brady

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