Smile Official Release


Some Smile material has been released on offical released Beach Boys albums

The Album which was released instead of Smile was the album Smilely Smile.


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Smilely contained versions of such songs as Hereos and Villians, Vegetalbes, Good Vibrations , Wind Chimes, Wonderful ,  Now for you people who are not fimilar with this songs , their are many versions of all songs on the Smile album and I must say that these versions are not as good as some of the versions of the same song released on bootleg albums.


20/20 Album


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This album contained two songs called "our Prayer" and Cabinessence.  However again these are different versions of the song.



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Sunflower album contains the song Cool Cool Water which may have been part of Brians Elements collection of songs which was going to have a section for air , water ,fire and


Surf's Up 


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Of course this album contained the title song which was orginally going to be part of the Smile album .


Good Vibrations Box Set

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The box set is the best source of released  SMILE material .   The box set contains such songs as Hereos and Villians , Wonderful, Cabinessence , Wind Chimes,  Do You Like Worms , Vegetables, I Love To Say Da Da and Surf's Up .


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There was and still is talk about releasing a Smile Box set but nothing has happen as of yet however if you write Capitol records maybe we can show them that the interest is there and thealbum should be released!




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