This is a listing of known SMILE albums which  have been made. If you are aware of any other SMILE albums please contact me and I will add it to the list.

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Vinyl Albums

There was three vinyl albums made by Brother Records . The first and second albums were single albums and the third album was a triple album.

Smile------Album #1-- Brother Records
Smile -----Album #2-- Brother Records
Smile -----Album #3-- Brother Records

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Smiley Smile
Surf's Up!

Good Vibrations Box Set

Above albums contain some songs which have
SMILE material in them in some sort of a manner.  Please keep in mind that most of these songs have many different versions.
The Good Vibrations Box set contains the most available material actually from the
SMILE album sessions. One also must keep in mind the amount of material which was recorded for this project which was orgianlly named DUMB ANGEL and later became the SMILE album. The project was close to completion when Brian decided to abandon the project.
This is Rock's most famous unreleased album ever! and would have changed the history of Rock and the group.

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CD Albums Made of Smile Material

1-Archaeology-Smile--5 cd set--contains 3smile cd's and 2 other bb rare songs

2-Prokopy Smile--3 cd set

3-Sot Vol#17- 3 cd Smile Set

4-Sot#16- SMILE album

5-Sot#15-Good Vibrations -3 cd set

6-Sot#18 Smilely Smile

7-Crooked Smile

8-Share-a- Smile


10-Smile --Odeon-30 track

11-Smile--Gema - 33 tracks

12-Smile Brian Wilson--Chapter One

13-The Alternate Smile Collection

14-Linett Smile Mixes--2 cd set

15-SMILE Smiley--smi-mai -20 track

16-Luna Smile--27 track

17-Flock SMILE-28 track

18-Make a Smile--BBS 1971--25 track

19-SMILE-- AFT55

20-SMILE-- T 2580-2 --- 20 track

21-SMILE-- Red Robin

22-Smile Millenium Edition-- Dumb Angel Records

23-Smile - Good Vibrations,Heroes and Villians, Surf's Up

24-Alive and Smiling--Sphinx -25 tracks

25-Rockin Rarities--25 tracks

26-Smile-Early Years-SPA 1989--19 track

27-Smile- Vigotone - 2 cd set

28-Smile-18 track and 4 bonus tracks-no company name

30-Good Vibrations Smile-Spinx

31-Smile- Black and white cover-Spinx- 25 tracks

32- Ryan's Smile

33-Heroes and Villians Sessions-Parts #1&2-Wilson Records

34-Heroes and Vibrations-

35-The Smile Era Outtakes- Quality Compact Productions


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SMILE MP3's ALbums


1-Smile Shop Mono Edition

2-Smile Shop Stereo Edition

3-Michelle's Smile

4-Web Sounds Smile

5-Hereos and Vibrations

6-The Elements- entire album

7-Steve's Smile

8-Ron's Smile

9-Noble Smile

10-My Smile

11-Xian Smile

12-Paul's Instrumential Smile

13-Daniel Smile

14-Doug's Smile

15-Psychedelic Smile


Once Again if you are aware of any other Smile Collections please contact me at

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This listing page is brought to you by Bradco web services and is only a list of material of the smile era and there is no attent to sell any merchandise at this website but only to list the available material which has been found by vaious people.