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The Beach Boys Legendary Album

Smile, is The Beach Boys legendary unreleased album which was written by Brian Wilson with lyrics by Van Dyke Parks.  This project was started by Brian just after his American Masterpiece Album, Pet Sounds, pf.jpg (27552 bytes)which included  many great songs such as "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Sloop John B", "God Only Knows", and a song which Brian released as his first solo single which was called "Caroline No " . The album was not totally accepted by the American public but was accepted by overseas fans in England where the Beatles attended a Pet Sounds listening party upon the release of the album.  The manager of the Rolling Stones took out an ad in a musical newspaper to promote the album even though he had nothing to gain.  The Beatles later admitted how this album inspired them to make Sgt Peppers.   The album orginally did not do well in America because Capitol Records did not back the album.  In fact they released The Beach Boys Greatest Hits album eight weeks after the release of Pet Sounds.  gv.jpg (9561 bytes) Brian then went on to compose what is referred to as a mini symphony, Good Vibrations.  This was the most expensive single ever made to that date, costing about $50,000 dollars to record.  This was the first single to change momentum in the middle of the song . At this time the song went to #1 and put the Beach Boys above the Beatles in the popularity polls.  This is when Brian decided to start on his new project called Dumb Angel, later to be known as SMILE. Good Vibrations and Hereos and Villians were too be the singles from this mystery album which almost was and there are many pieces of this album which were released by Capitol and others which have been bootleg released.  Good Vibrations was most likely the first psychedelic single ever released. Smile was going to continue on this path of unusal music . The group also was working on a musical festival with The Mamas and Papas called The Monterey Pop Festival .   The Beach Boys were to headline the Festival but had to drop out due to pressure from Capitol to finish their present album. This is very ironic due to these factors would later hurt the group's career.   SMILE was also to be the first album released on the group's own record label which is called Brother Records . ikosmile.jpg (28469 bytes) The Beach Boys were the first group ever to create their own record label. As you can see from the picture of the album it also was going to beat Pepper to the punch with the new artwork on the album which was never done before on a album cover. The album also included a booklet of some artwork and some pictures of the group.  The artwork on the album was done by Frank       .  Another fact of the album was it was going to be the first concept album with songs running from one to the other.  Brian had desribed the album as a teenage symphony to God.  The other describion which was given was that it was going to be a humors album.  Brain was using Phil Spector's studio musicians which had the nickname of the wrecking crew as he did with Pet Sounds. h_v_sessions.jpg (27985 bytes) The next single which the group released was the song called "Heroes and Villians" and was going to be a major part of the SMILE  album .  The album playlist consisted of songs such as: Do You Like Worms, Wind Chimes, Hereos and Villians, Surf's Up , Good Vibrations, Cabin Essence , Wonderful , I'm In Great Shape, Child Is father Of The Man , The Elements , Vega-Talbes , The Old Master Painter.  Capitol had already released some radio spots to advitise the album and had made 450,000 covers for the album when Brain decided to stop production on the album.  There are many ideas of why this happen. Brain and the boys were fighting with Capitol over royallites . The boys were fighting with Brian over the drastic change in the style of the group's music. bbssmly.jpg (10895 bytes) Also many  say it was because the Beatles beat Brain with the release of their album , Srgt Peppers which had  such a large impact on the music industry

At this point Brain started work on his next album which was called Smiley Smile . This album is a very good album however it was a simply version of some of the same songs and other songs but it went back to the basics like the Beatles would do later with The White Album. However when Brian did this he gave up the crown of Rock's King . However during this period Brian accomplished more than most musicans could during their entire career.  Well anyway this is the basic background of the legend of this era and this famous album and now you may go on to see all the versions of the album which have been made and all the artwork which was made for the album. 

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