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                                           MY SMILE
Song Listing


Overture ---Made from Stack-O –Smile
                    Hereos and Villians/Wonderful/Look/Good Vibrations/Fire/Surfs Up
                    Made up of pieces of the above songs.

Prayer--------From Vigotone 2 cd set

Hereos and Villians---Millenium Smile

Barnyard--------------Millenium Smile

Child Is the Father of Man—Millenium Smile

Hv/Insert#19-Bicycle Rider-Sot #17-Partial

Wonderful----Instrumental- Stack –O-Smile

Wonderful---Share a Smile

H/V Insert track#3 –Sot #17 Partial

With Me Tonight—Millenium

H/V Insert—track-   --Sot#17 partial

Do You Like Worms—Early Years Smile

The Old Master Painter-G/v-H/v-Surfs Up Smile

You Are My Sunshine- Surf's Up SMILE

He Gives Speeches- Surfs Up SMILE

H/V Insert—Three Blind Mice—Odean Smile

Cabin Essence—Red Robbin Smile

George Feel Into His Fench Horn- Early Years edited edition

H/V reprise –track #6 Crooked Smile

Good Vibrations—Crooked Smile

H/v insert—Hv sessions 2

Vega-tables-t 2580-2 Smile

Catinia—Sot #17

Wind Chimes—Millenium Smile

The Elements—Share a Smile

Cool Cool Water---Sunflower

Tones---Opus Magnum Smile

Woodshop Song---Opus Magnium Smile

Surfs UpInstrumental—Stack-O-Smile

Surfs Up –Instrumental/Brian version –Aft55 Smile


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This version of the album is still being worked on and i am slowly editing this version to blend togther better. I also wanted to add a few songs however the orginal mix is 73 .5  mins.   I would love any help which people can offer as far as mixing and suggestions of other songs to be added.

Email your suggestions to--





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