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Basically The SMILE Project was a Brian Wilson project with the Beach Boys as the vocal instruments which were used by the arranger, writer, and producer of the project. The Project was started just after the group had its major hit Good Vibrations which basically started the psycedelic era of Rock Music.  Brian used what he called snipets which were small sections of music to make each song and this is why there can be so many different versions of the Smile album since the world was never albe to hear the almost finished version which Brian had made before stopping this project.

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This piece of music was to change all of music and how it was recorded . Brian had brought music from the short two miniute pop song which he concured to his multi -tempo 15 miniute song melody of the Elements which was part of the SMILE album.

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Brian's previous released American Masterpiece named Pet Sounds


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Brian during the recording of his song Fire on the SMILE album



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Brian playing his masterpiece of Surf's Up from the Smile album


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Brian's possible playlist of the album


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The group with the many tapes of this era


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Brian at his piano in his living room Sandbox . Brian had the piano put into the sandbox because he said it helped him feel the music better. The group also had a tent in the dinning room where they held their bussness meetings. However sometimes due to Brian believing the house was bugged he held meetings in the Pool under the raft. Brian may have been silly but it was that imagination which made the unbelievable music and enabled him to hear the entire song in his head .



1--Brian Wilson stopped touring in 1965 and the Beatles stopped in 1966.

2-- The Beatles released Revoler album and Brian came back with the Today Album

3-- the Beatles released the Rubber Soul album and then Brian out did them when he released the Pet Sounds album

4-- Brian put the final topping on conquering the Beatles with the song which change the music industry , the song was Good Vibrations with its many different tempo's which had never been done before.

5-- Brian was working on his next masterpiece , the Smile album when the Beatles released their Srgt Pepper album which they admit was inspired by the Pet Sounds album and they were also inpressed by the songs which they had heard from his new project SMILE .

6-- During this era the rivial between the two groups help change the music industry.

7-- The Beach Boys were the top band from 1961 through 1963 until the Beatles and their forces invaded in 1964 but the Beach Boys continued to press on with such #1 hits as I Get Araound. The Beach Boys had toppefd the Beatles again in 1966 but the Beatles retook the crown in 1967 .

8-- The Beach Boys also went to India to visit the Maharishi and in the end the main followers were George harrison and Mike Love. The Maharishi even toured with the Beach Boys.



There will be alot more information and pictures to come to this section however this is the start.





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