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Smile LP #1 by Brother Records

Playlist---Do You Want Worms                 Wonderful
                Heroes And Villians                     Mrs. O'Leary 's Cow
                Surf's Up                                       Our Prayer
                Good Vibrations                           Bicycle Rider
                Cabin Essence                              Child Is Father To The Man
                Who Ran The Iron Horse             Barnyard
                 The Grand Coulee Dam               Vega-Tables
                 Tones                                            The Old  Master Painter
                  I Love To Say  Da Da                 You Are My Sunshine
                  Holiday                                        George Fell Into His French Horn

SMILE LP#2 Brother Records

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Not In the Collection


SMILE LP #3 Brother Records

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LP #3 is a three record set  but is not included in The Collection


Good Vibrations Single

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Hereos And Villians Single

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Note: Hereos And Villians was the first single released on Brother Records





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