SMILE The Beach Boys

Essay #3

Pressure Which Brian Was Under


Brian Wilson had decided to make a outstanding album and he was very successful in his project due to he made the American Masterpiece called Pet Sounds however it did not do as well as prevoius released beach Boys albums.The album called Pet Sounds took the group away from their orgianal sound and brought the group to many new areas of music which no one had touched appond before this period in time. Capitol records did not really back the album and released The Beach Boys greatest hit Album eight weeks after the release of Pet Sounds. Also at this point in time the group decided to be the first group in Rock History to make their own label and began work on this project. After the release of Pet Sounds , Brian started work on his single called Good Vibrations. This was the first single to change the beat in the middle of the song. Many people called it a mini - symphony  due to it's many tempo changes. At this point in time it was the most expensive single ever made costing $50,000 but however it was a major success . Good Vibrations help bring the Beach Boys above The Beatles on the popularity polls.  Good Vibrations was recorded in six studios due to the sound which Brian wanted to acchieve. Brian had many versions of where he wanted to take the group however all the members of the group gave Brian a very hard time about changing the successful formula which made them so popular. Brian saw where the music was going and he was willing to take us all there with him however the group and the record label were all against Brian changing the sound of the music. The strange thing is the same label did not really give The Beatles a hard time about the changing music. The Beatles however had John and Paul plus George to write the songs and had George Martin to produce the songs. The Beach Boys had Brian Wilson to write the songs and to produce the songs. Basically everything feel onto Brian shoulders. At this sameperiod in time the group was suing Capitol Records for holding royalities of their records. They were also orgianizing the major POP Festival called Monterey Pop Festival which the group was sceduled to headline but had to withdraw so that they could finish their SMILE Album  Brian had gotten involed with many different people in the Hollywood scene and some were in the fast lane as far as drugs etc. This also had a influenece on Brian. When Brian decided to take on the SMILE Album Project had desribe it as a teenage symphony to God.with some humor in it. .There are hundreds of snipits as Brian called them . A snipit is a small piece of music which Brian splice together in order to make a full song. There are many reasons given why Brian did not release SMILE but I feel it was the combination of the main reasons which wound up to bring Brian down. At this point in time Brian was playing with drugs , the group was against him changing the music, The label was against him changing the music , the group had just started their own record label, the group was suing Capitol Records for holding royalities and then the Beatles released Srgt . Peppers  which did change the music and Brian felt he had missed the boat. The real crime of it all is that we never did get to hear what Brian intended to due with the SMILE music and even worst than that is if he had released SMILE , I feel the group would have taken a different direction after the album and may have released even something more different. Brian may have lead us to a entire new area  which he was never able to lead us to due to all the conflicts in his life at this time. Brian started the psyceldic era of music but he was force out before most people even knew he was there . This is why the music from SMILE is so precious to the music industry.and Brian's fans. .


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