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Good Vibrations SMILE


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Spinx Records 1990

Smile promo Advert                       Hereos and Villians Extended Version
Good Vibrations Extended Version                                                         Vega-Tables
Barnyard Part 1                                         Wind Chimes
Do You Like Worms                                               Miss o'Leary's Cow
The Old Master Painter                                        Fire
You are my Sunshine                       I Love to say Da Da
Bicyle Rider                          Holidays
Can't Wait Too Long                                  Surf's Up Instrumental
Tones                                               Surf's Up Vocal Brian
Barnyard Part #2                                                         Child Is The Father To The Man
Cabinessence                                                           Home On The Range
our Prayer                                                       Wonderful
George Feel Into His French Horn                                     Barbie
What Is a young Girl Made Of


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SMILE Bits and Pieces








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SMILE Vigotone Complete Set












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