SMILE  The Beach Boys

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#1-Smile Promo Alert                              #10- Bicycle Rider
#2- Good Vibrations                                #11- Fire (2 Sagements)
#3- Do You Like Worms                         #12-   Fire ( no Crackling)
#4-Been Way Too Long                           #13- Wonderful  (Brian Vocal)
#5- Tones                                                 #14- Home On The Range
#6- Surf's Up (Try-outs)                             #15- Barnyard
#7- Surf's Up (Vocal Brian)                         #16- You Are My Sunshine/
#8- Child Is The Father Of The Man                     The Old Master Painter
#9- Our Prayer


SMILE  Early Years

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Spa 1989

Surf's Up
Bycicle Rider Theme
Good Vibrations
Do You Like Worms
Medley- Old Master Painter /
You Are My Sunshine
Can't Wait Too Long
Cabin Essence
George Fell Into His French Horn
Bycicle Rider Theme
Hereo And Villians
Our Prayer
The Four Elemnets
    a] Earth= Vegetables
b] Wind= Wind Chimes
c] Fire = Mrs. O'Leary 's Cow
d] Water= I Love To Say Da Da
Child Is Father To The Man
Surf's Up
Good Vibrations
Smile Promo Alert


SMILE  Early Cover

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SMILE  Black Cover

1989 Sphinx

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1- California Girls                           14- Tones
2-Sloop John B                   15- Surf's Up  6.10
3-  Darling                        16- Surfs Up 2.35
4-  Shorten Bread                        17-   Child Is The Father To The Man
5- Do It Again                           18- Our Prayer
6- Litl'e Deuce Coupe                     19- Bicyle Rider
7- Skating USA                              20- Fire 2.04
8- Peggy Sue                         21- Fire 2.00
9-- In My Room                                         22- Wonderful
10- Smile Promo Advert                              23- Home On The Range
11- Good Vibrations                                       24- Barnyard
12- Bicycle Rider                                            25-You Are My Sunshine/
13- Been Way To Long                         The Old Master Painter


Alive and Smiling

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Not In The Collection






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