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    Wendy                                                                                               Carnie

  Yes  these are the daughters of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys . And yes the rest

of the Beach Boys would be related to them. So ,now do you wonder were the girls learned

how to write great songs and to make great harmony in their singing.

     The girls started off with their first album and their childhood friend Chynna Phillips

( Daughter of  John and Machelle Phillips of the rock group-The Momas And The Pappas)

Their very first single shot to the #1 on Billboard Charts ,the song of course was "Hold On"

This album had many hit singles and many other great songs such as "Release Me"

"Impulsive" , Over And Over"  , "A Reason To Beleive" and the "Dream Is Still Alive"

This album differently estabished the girls as a major musical force in today's music scene.


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The groups second album was title--"Shodows and Light" which also contained some great

singles such as "Flesh and Blood" and "Give it Up"  This album was a great musically album

but it also had alot of privite goals for Wendy and Carnie. One was the song Flesh And Blood

which was about their relationship with their father Brian . There is also a song on this album

for their Grandma Audre (Mommy of the Beach Boys)    This would be the last album which

their friend Chynna would appear on to date.

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  Their third album would be a Christmas album which includes many great classics and also

their Christmas song which is already becoming a classic itself , "Hey Santa"   done with

help from their Uncle Carl.    This album also includes the Beach Boy version of 

"I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" which was to be released on the boys never released

second Christmas album. The song has all the Children of the Wilson's singing, and is really

cute! This is a different album for your Christmas collection.

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At this point Carnie had her own tv show on ABC put of course she came back into the

music bussiness because that's where a Wilson belongs .  The Next album which they did

is called THE WILSONS and had a great single on it called "Monday Without You"

written by Carole King. Dad also helped with this album with songs such as "Til I Die"

and "Everything I Need" plus with some backing vocals.

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The back cover shot is one which is trully beautiful and we are all happy to see!!

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Wilson-Phillps Greatest Hits Album


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Back Of Album with Song Listing!!


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       Family And Freinds Career of the Girls


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Next the Wilson Girls joined Al's Jardines group --Beach Boys Family and Friends . The group was force to chnage their name due to law suits from Mike Love.   They appeared on tour for awhile and recorded one album with Al Jardine and his sons.

CARNIE WILSON--- Next Carnie had her famous operation on the internet which helped her loose a large amount of weight.

In 2004 Carnie recorded a solo album which is scheduled to come out in thenear future.

After ten years the three girls decided to get back together and make another Wilson-Phillips album which came out on May 25, 2004 and  they re-did many 60's southern California songs which the girls dads created as members of The Beach Boys and the Mamas and Pappas !!!! The New album is called --------- CALIFORNIA!!!!!!! 


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The First single from the album will be "Go Your Own Way"


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