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Keepin' The Summer Alive !




Carl Wilson     bbkcl1.JPG (8840 bytes)

bbkcl2.JPG (4394 bytes)     Carl Wilson - Usually lead the group on the stage.  Carl is credited for the title song and "Livin' With a Heartache " both from this album .


Dennis Wilson     bbkden1.JPG (6847 bytes)
bbkden2.JPG (8790 bytes)   Dennis was the drumer and usually sang at least one song such as his song  "Forever"    Dennis passed away in 1983 in a boating accident. 

Al Jardine        bbkal1.JPG (9405 bytes)

bbkal2.JPG (9485 bytes)      Al  was credited with one song along with Brian on this album which may have been the best song which was on the album . The song was called Santa Ana Winds . Al always sang a few songs during the concert and with his still excellent voice the group began to rely on him more. Al's son Matt also started to tour with the group and would usually sing lead on a song such as "Don't Worry Baby" .


Bruce Johnson      bbkbj.JPG (6401 bytes)

Bruce played mostly keyboards and also would usually sing at least one song such as his "Disney Girls"  Bruce was credited for one song on this album called " Endless Harmony" a beautiful song.  Bruce also produce this album.


Mike Love           bbkmk.JPG (12472 bytes)

Mike  the lead singer of the group usually always kept the show moving along with his intro's to the songs and his great performance on stage.  Mike was credited for for five songs with his cousin brian on this album.


Brian Wilson      bbkbri.JPG (23271 bytes)

Brian was the orginal brains of the group who wrote and produce most of the orgianal hits for the group but stop touring in 1964 so he could do more in the studio.  He came back to the tour on accassion during this era.  Brian did receive credit for six of the songs on this album.



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