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As the music changed at this point in time Brian went back to a simply format as would the Beatles in later years. The group made  a lot of good music at this time but was not to successful except for some singles such as "Darlin", "I Can Hear Music", "Do It Again" and some others. In reality they were doing fine for a normal rock group but not for the super group which they once were. The funny part of this era is they were still accepted overseas much more than in the U.S.  An example of this is a song which was #1 in most of the world but did not even chart in the U.S. in this time period which was the song "Cottonfields" .

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The group made a major comeback during their concert with The Grateful Dead  in 1971 . At this time the group had changed their image and was doing songs like " Student Demonstration Time" and really pick up momentum. They released many great albums during this period such as "Holland" and "Surfs Up" which are referred to as the Brothers Years .  The group had switched labels to Reprise and later they would change again to CBS label but all the songs were on The Brothers Records.


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Brian had to receive 24 hour treatment for years in order to overcome his problems with drugs etc. However even during this period the group relied on Brian . One example of this was Dennis use to give Brian one Mc Donalds hamburger for each song he wrote due to he had a eating disorder.  Dr. Landry was his doctor and had taken total control of Brian . The family had to sue in order to get visiting rights back to see Brian. Brian's daughters had become 2/3's of the Wilson -Philips group and had released a beautiful song in order to reach their father . The song was called "Flesh and Blood" and truly pleaded to see their father. Brain has made a complete recovery and has just released a new solo album called Imagination.  If you enjoy the early music of the group you will truly love to see where Brian has taken the music today.

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The Beach Boys had made tremendous come back in the concert industry and with their greatest hits albums which have sold greatly. Unfortunately the average person is not aware of the many other directions the group went with their music . The group did many great songs such as "Add Some Music" , "Sail On Sailor", "It's OK" , "Good Timin", "Come Go With Me" and of course "Kokomo" . There is much, much more to this story which can be read in many of the great books which have been written about the group.


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