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For Brian's  next project he decided to get Tony Asher to help him with the lyrics , so he could top his rivals and as he said bring the best music ever to the studio.  He had to fight with the group and with the record label in order to continue his new project rather than continue on the hit parade. Brian started work on the album and hired the musicians which normally played with Phil Spector and were known as the wrecking crew.  Brian started a new method of recording called snip recording where he would record sections of a song and then place them all together. Brian he to fight and work hard for his dream album which was released in 1965 and was called "Pet Sounds" and became a American Masterpiece and has been rated as the #1 rock album of all time. The album had such songs as "Sloop John B' , "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "God Only Knows" which all did good but were received better in England and overseas than in the United States.
When the album "Pet Sounds" came out the Rolling Stones manger put a ad in the British rock magazine because he loved the album so much. Paul McCartney claims that this is the album which inspired the Beatles to record "Sgt Peppers" but meanwhile in the US the album only had a moderate success. Eight weeks after the release of the album Capitol released the groups Greatest Hits Album and pushed that album instead of "Pet Sounds".


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Brian was not discouraged by the general public reaction to his new sound and continued on with a new project which was a single which in 1966 cost $50,000 to make in six studios . The song has been describe as a pocket symphony instead of a single. Basically it was the first song ever to change tempo once in the middle of the song. The song was " Good Vibrations".  This song was accepted by the public and became a #1 song for the group and changed music forever. At this point in time the Beach Boys had beaten the Beatles in a British Popularity poll.  Many things where happening to the group at this point . The group was the first group ever to start their own label at this point which was called Brothers records.  One artist which was nearly signed to the label was a man who lived with Dennis and his name was Charles Manson.  Another group which nearly recorded on the label was a group called Redwood who was going to record a song called Darlin but decided to go with another label and became Three Dog Night.  The group also was working with John Phillips from the Mamas and The Papas to organize a pop festival which the groups would headline , The Festival was Monterey PopFestival which changed music forever but the sad feature was that the Beach Boys had to pull out the music festival in order to complete the next album.

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Their next album was even stranger than the last one and Brian had even a harder time convincing the group to continue in his new direction. Brian had asked a southern boy named Van Dykes Parks to work on this album with him. This album was to be about humor in his music. However Brian called this album a  Rock Symphony to God .   The album was called "Smile" and is the most famous unreleased album ever. The album was basically completed and Brian was in the mixing stages of the final mix. Capitol had already printed 450,000 covers for the album and had started with its add campaign. But The Beatles would complete their album first which was called "Sgt Peppers" and after the release of The Beatles album Brian gave up on his project. He had been fighting the record company and the group itself and trying to beat the Beatles who had more people working on their project not to take anything away from them. All together this wound up to be too much for Brian and he decided to make an album called "Smiley Smile" which was not of the same caliber as the "Smile" album . At this point Brian had another nervous breakdown and the drugs which he had been taking became too much for him. It was 1967 and the summer of love was on the way.  The Beach Boys image did not fit anymore, even though they were the group who had created the sound.


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Brian's condition  was coming for awhile but it was okay because he was a Rock Star and he was making hits. At this time in the music industry the Beach Boys had changed music and the way the groups were handled by the major record companies. Usually Capitol would have a representative with the group and tell them what to record next much like the industry has returned too today but at this point the Beach Boys ran their own show.  Brian  had a mansion in BelAir and had his piano in a sandbox in the living room and the group had text in another room where they use to have meetings. Brian thought his house was bugged so at that point the group use to go out into Brian's built-in pool and have the meeting there under a raft.  Many things pointed to this coming but no one wanted to know about it.


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