The Beach Boys Story

   The story started over 40 years ago in 1960 when the boys' parents went away for a weekend. They left the boys a small amount of cash to make it through the weekend. The boys used the money to rent some instruments and record a song. The boys, Brian the older brother ,then Dennis the wild and crazy brother, and Carl, the baby bother and their cousin Mike Love and Brian's friend and football teammate Al Jardine recorded the song Surfin.  When their parents got home their father liked the song and decided to help the boys since his true love was music. Their father, Murray Wilson had one song recorded by Lawerence Welk , who was a very well known orchestra leader at the time.  Murray helped form the image for the boys after he bought the stripped shirts which the boys used to where at J.C Penneys and helped them get some gigs at local clubs when the group was called The Pendletones. 

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Audree and Murray Wilson and their family were the typical American family of this "Leave It To Beaver " era.  Brian was the oldest brother and the quarterback for the local high school football team , The Hawthore High Cougars which Al Jardine was also a member of the same team. Dennis was the wild and crazy bother who had the nickname Dennis The Menace like the tv show character. Dennis was the only surfer in the group and which is where Brian got many of his ideas for his songs. Carl Wilson the younger brother was the quiet one who eventually would have to take over the leadership of the group. Mike Love the cousin of the boys who became the lead singer of the group and is who Brian catered his song writing too.  Their father , Murray became the group's manager and got them a record contract with a local record label . Candix Records is who released the boys' first record which was called "Surfin" and the label changed the name of the group to Beachboys in 1961. The song "Surfin" captured Dennis' new pastime sport and was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love. The record also caught the eyes of the American public and everyone decided from Brian's songs the California dream and image which most of us now have about the area. The real surfers did not even like the music since their music was mostly instrumental and was done by groups like the Surfris with songs such as "Wipe Out" , which for trivia sake the boys re-did in the eighties.



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Murray continued to push the group and they then got a contract with Capitol Records.  Brian and the group then recorded their first album for the label which had such songs a 'Surfin"  , "Surfin Safari" , "409"  and was released in 1962.  The label thought the surfin music was a small phase in music but Brian just continued to turn out the hits even after the British Invasion. In 1962 and 1963 the boys rose to be the top band in the music industry. Brian also did work with other groups such as his then girlfriend and eventual first wife Marilyn and her sister Diane and their cousin Ginger ,the group became known as The Honeys . Brian used this group to try to become a producer like his idol Phil Spector was at the time.  Brian also wrote many songs for Jan and Dean and helped write his first #1 song which was "Surf City" for Jan and Dean. One other quick trivia is that Al Jardine left the group to go back to college and was replaced by a neighbor David Marks for about one year and then he decided to return to the group.


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During 1963 and 1964 the group had 16 hit singles and continued on after the British Invasion in 1964 . In fact it was in 1964 when Brian got his first hit single " I get Around" .  Murray and Brian continued to fight and Murray wanted to control the music until Brian finally had to fire his father from the group but Murray did keep control of the publishing of the songs.  The Beatles hit America with a storm of overwhelming hit songs and had two major songwriters and a separate producer George Martin, while Brian did the entire job for the Beach Boys .  The two groups became rivals  due to the amount of hits each group had. In December of 1964 Brian finally had a nervous breakdown and decided to stay at home and write songs and produce the music. Brian was originally replaced by Glenn Campbell who later became a solo artist . Then after Glenn , Bruce Johnson replaced Brian on the road and also started to record songs in the studio.  The first song which Brian did at this point was "California Girls"  which helped Brian advance his music techniques however it was followed by a album and a song to fulfill the Capitol contract which was " Barbara Ann " which was just a simple pop song. The Song did so well the label was begging for more and so was the group but Brian had other ideas in mind.


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