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Sea Of Tunes Smile Sessions

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Sea of Tunes Good Vibrations Set

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This box set of the Smile album material gives you all the options of the many somgs which were recorded during this era. I did notice that some of the other songs which may have been included in the Smile album were not included in the box set but for the songs which were included there is many new versions of these songs which we have never heard before and it does clear up some mysteries of the Smile album such as the song water which many people have guessed at before but this cd clears up which song it was.   The one thing which this box set does not offer is a attempt to put all the songs together which the other albums in the past have done. It is my preference that with all this material out there and all the information which has been written on this album it is surprising that we do not have a attempt to figure out what the Smile album may have been like. The one thing which we do know about this album is that it would have changed the course of rock and roll history. Even without this album ever being released offically one still can see how this album did effect the work of many other major rock groups of this era and did change the course of the music history without even being released.  If you are interested in this Smile era this cd box set does offer some new insight.


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