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bbscov2.JPG (9284 bytes)There have been bootleg albums made frombbsoutak.JPG (9763 bytes) the "Smile" material. Some are definitely better than others but all of them will help you understand more where Brian was heading with his music. To the left is the cover from the "Smile Era Outtakes Album" which is more "for fans only"; to the right is the back cover of the same album.

bbshrcov.JPG (13410 bytes)To the right is the album "Heroes and Villians Sessions Part 1& 2"  which basically covers the music made for the titled song only.  The song was originally going to have two parts and was going to be on both sides of the 45 record (the first side was seven minuites long).  This never did come about but this album gives you some of that music.

bbsbache.JPG (10291 bytes)TTo the left is the back cover of ths album so you can see a song listing, etc.


bbscov3.JPG (12171 bytes)To the right is a good version of the album with twenty tracks on it.


bbscov1.JPG (13586 bytes)To the left is a 1989 release of the Smile album which has 19 tracks on it, including a radio promo for the album.

bbsearl.JPG (8597 bytes)This is the back cover with track listings.


bbscov4.JPG (10198 bytes)This is one of my favorite versions of the album because of the ending on the cd. First it goes to the song "Fire" and then to another instrumental which is believed to be a song called "Tones" and then into the instrumental opening of Brian's "Surfs Up" and finally into the song itself. The only thing I wish someone would touch up is the opening to "Surfs Up".  I believe Brian never fine-tuned this section.  After listening to this, you will be a Brian Wilson fan!

bbscov5.JPG (15293 bytes)To the right is a two cd set of the album which used the orginal artwork meant for the album. The first cd has 25 songs and the second has 14 songs.

bbsacov2.JPG (9825 bytes)This would be the back cover of the cd. The one thing about the Smile albums which you should learn is that there are many versions of the same song.

bbscov6.JPG (14119 bytes)This version of the album was produced much nicer than some of the others but does not give you all of the other songs which are available from this era.

bbsbacov.JPG (9459 bytes)Original back cover of the album. There are also three lp versions of the album and many other cd versions of this album along with a soon to be released four cd set of the "Smile Era".


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Above is the symbol for Brothers Records which is the groups' own label.

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