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Originally, as Brian changed his style from Surfin to more complicated music, many people (and even the group) were against the changes.  Six months after the release of "Pet Sounds", Capitol released the first Beach Boys greatest hits album in order to promote the old music . He was just starting to win people over with his changes but it was a very rough road for him.

bbsbvan.JPG (13110 bytes)To the left is a picture of Brian and the lyricist of "Smile", Van Dyke Parks.   The group had  problems with Van Dyke Parks, due to the difference between his lyrics and the orginal groups music.  Brian used the same studio musicians as he always did (the same as Phil Spector music).


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Brian had become the king of the music industry and even beat the Beatles in polls with his music. The instruments which he decided to combine were sounds which were never heard before and he created new cords for bass and other instruments which people have said came to be heard on later Beatles albums .

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Capitol had already made album covers and a booklet for the album and had started on a ad campaign and had store displays made for the album.

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