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The Stones were the group which chased the Beatles through the sixties. However this gave them a bad image . The orginal members were, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Brian Jones, Billy Wyman and Charlie Watts.  The group was started due to Mick's love of music and Brian's knowlege of the music. Keith became the creatative song writter after the song Satifaction but before this time Brian was the main man.  Brian was slowly being pushed out of the group and he had just quit the group and then two weeks later is when the swiming pool accident happen. We will never know if it was a accident or a drug overdose. Brian passed away in the mid-sixties and one wonders what the Stones would have done if he was still with them.  Mick taylor replaced brian in the summer of 1969 however he left the group in 1974 when Ron woods enter the group. The groups section of a name in 1962 was from a old Muddy Waters tune called Rolling Stone Blues.The group started with a Decca records contact and played a lennon/Mc Carthy song called I wanna Be Your Man. The groups first major hit was in June of 1964 with the song Not Fade Away. The groups major hit came in July of 1965 with the song Satisfaction.  In my opinion the album "Let it Bleed" was their masterpiece. There songs include "Love in Vain", "Midnight Rambler", "Gimmie Shelter" and many other great songs. The Stones continue on the hit train even through the nineties. The Stones would have to be considered a major inflenece to music.

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The Stones are one of the few bands from the sixty's who can still fill a Stadium in the nineties! The Ro;;ings Stones were also another group who were on the Ed Sullivan show offen.  One of my favorite Rock trivia's has to due with the Stones on Sullivan. The night they played "Lets Spend The Night Together"  they were asked and did play the song singing "Lets Spend Some Time Together" ! The one thing which you must give the Stones credit of  being the one of the only groups ,who had major hits in the sixtys'seventies.eighties, and nineties!!!!!! In 1997 /98 the group just completed a world tour ,with their latest album "Bridges of Babylon" Two albums which every record collection should have is "Hot Rocks' and "Hot Rocks II"

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Another major event in The Stones career which they may not want to remember is their famous Altamount Speedway Concert in California in 1969 just six months after the peaceful concert in Woodstock the nightmarsish murder occurred in front of the stage as the Hells Angels were being the body guards for the group. This event was made into a movie called Gimme Shelter. The incident happened during the group playing the song Sympathy for the devil and the group wasbanned from playing this song inmany locations. The group layed low for a year and a half after this happened but then came back into the spotlight with their Sticky Fingers album and the song Brown Sugar.

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The group has always been know for their bad side of life . They have offen gotten into troble with the law in reguards to drugs and sex . but without a doubt they are one of the worlds greatest groups and have influenece music throughout their career.

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Another part of the group history is their unbeleiveable concerts.   I would assume that they have sold out more stadiums than any other rock group in history and are still going strong today!!

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Tom Brady


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This is trully one of the Rolling Stones best works and includes such songs as :

Let it Bleed, Love In Vain , Midnight Rambler, Gimmie Shelter , You Got The Silver,

You Can't Always Get What You Want, Live With Me , Monkey Man , Country Honk



Some Rolling Stones Songs


Time Is On My Side

Play With Fire


As Tears Go By

Get Off My Cloud

Paint It Black

Under My Thumb

Ruby Tuesday

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Jumping Jack Flash

Street Fighting Man

Brown Sugar

Wild Horses

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Miss You

Start Me Up

It's Only Rock 'N Roll




British R&B influence rock group formed in London in January 1963. Consisted of Mick Jagger,Kieth Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts on drums.  The group was promoted as The Bad Boys ,in contrast to the Beatles. The first tour was with the Ronettes in 1964. The group made one movie called Gimme Shelter which told the story of the controversial Altamant concert on 12/6/69. Jones left the group shortly before drowning on 7/3/69 and was replaced by Mick Taylor. In 1975 Ron Woods replaced Taylor and is still with the band today. The group was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 1989. The group had 39 top 40 Billboard Hits , starting with their first hit Tell Me in 8/01/64. The groups most popular single was Satisfaction in 6/19/65.

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Recently Excile on Main Street album was voted in the top twenty of altime graetest albums by VH-1
The Rolling Stones are one of three major groups who had their own label in this era.
Even today when the group tours it is a major news item.
After being arrested for drug posession along with The Beatles both groups reacted differently . The Beatles released Hey Jude and mild song and The Stones released Street Fighting Man.

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Mick and    Kieth have both released some albums on their own!

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