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Paul Revere and the Raiders
Featuring Mark Lindsay

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Legend of Paul Revere

The Group was started in 1959 in Portland , Oregon and was called The Downbeats . In 1960 the group changed their name to Paul Revere and the Raiders with members , Paul Revere , Mark Lindsay, Mike Smith(Smithy) Drake Levin, and Doc Holiday. They had their first small hit on Gardena record label which peaked at #38 and the song was called Like Long Hair.  The group was not signed to Columbia records until 1965 when they were the first Rock group that this major label signed. They had recorded the song Louie , Louie and had a local hit with the song but The Kingsmen from the same area took the song to the national charts.  At this point Doc had to leave the group and was replaced by Phil Volk (fang)  aand the group went out to California to star  in Dick Clarks tv show called "Where the action is !" The group also went on to their later tv show called Happening. The groups first major hit was Just Like Me and then came back with such hits as Kicks, Hungry, Great Airplane strike, Good thing, and many more such songs.
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The group had the #1 selling albums in 1966 and 1967 with their albums called Midnight ride and Spirit of 67. In 1966 the group offically changed their name to Paul Revere and The Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay. At this same time period Mark Lindsay started his solo career and had such solo hits as Arizona, Silver Bird and Miss America. In 1968 Phil Volk( Fang) , Mike Smith (Smithy )and Jim Valley left the group and formed their own group called The Brotherhood which made two albums on RCA record label.
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In 1970 the group changed their name again to simply The Raiders and had such hits as Indian Reservation and Birds of a Feather .In 1973 Mark left theRaiders and went on to persue his solo career and Paul Revere went on with his touring career with his current Raiders.

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Mark Lindsay is out on tour this year. Check his web page for dates. Mark Lindsay has also released a new album -Video Dreams-. This is the best album which he has ever released,If you liked Arizona and Indian Reservation you will love Video Dreams. Mark has proved that a 60's star can still make great music in the 90's. Also if you get a chance make sure you see him in concert. PLEASE---E-Mail VH-1 to request that the Raiders two tv shows be bought back onto the air waves-Where the action is!!!!!!!! With Dick Clark and many other major 60's groups plus their other show HAPPENING. Happening was in the early seventies and was also a great tv show. The Raiders recorded some songs before the Monkees and differently were the group which the network was trying to copy when they made the Monkees. The Raiders also went on into a pop/country sound in my favorite album Pink Puzz and then they went to the other end of the spectrom with their Collage album. This is an album which the critics loved but it just did not quite make it commerically.It is however an album which you should own.

As lead singer with the Raiders, Mark recorded a string of commercial hit singles, such as "Just Like Me", "Kicks", "Hungry", "Ups & Downs", "Him or Me", "Good Thing", and "Let Me", many of which he produced and wrote or co-wrote. During this period, Paul Revere and the Raiders, featuring the distinctive and charismatic voice of Mark Lindsay, sold over 50 million units all over the world, in addition to earning many gold and platinum albums and singles.
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The Raiders had been signed to Columbia Records on the basis of their local success with an indie release of "Louie, Louie", and CBS released that master as the group's first single. While it was a huge success in the Northwest, the Kingsmen's version took the country by storm, largely because of the controversy over its definitely unintelligible and supposedly obscene lyrics. As it turned out, the Kingsman's version was merely the garbled result of lead singer Jack Ely trying to sing into an awkwardly-placed microphone while wearing braces on his teeth, while the Raiders' version really does have an obscene ad-lib during the guitar solo.

The Who certainly took notice of the Raiders at this time. Check out The Raiders' "Louie, Go Home" (1964) from the Columbia/Legacy anthology LEGEND OF PAUL REVERE and then check out The Who's "Lubie (Come Back Home)" (1965) from WHO'S'll hear an identical song...note for note, word for word, ad-lib for ad-lib, with Roger Daltrey's vocal style an exact copy of Lindsay's on the original song. By the way, "Louie, Go Home" was also covered by David Bowie. Newly signed as the house band on the squeaky-clean MTV percursor "Where The Action Is", the Raiders released "Steppin' Out", which Barnes describes as "...a classic number with a brilliant prototypically punk Lindsay vocal, and the next single, the pulsing rocker 'Just Like Me' [later covered by Pat Benatar] went Top 10." The follow-up album, MIDNIGHT RIDE, has been included as #63 in Tom Hibbert's "The Perfect Collection-The Rock Albums Everybody Should Have and Why." He says, "There was nothing innocuous about the Raiders' music just listen to the power and drive of 'I'm Not Your Stepping Stone.'Paul Revere & the Raiders, featuring Mark Lindsay, continued to record new material for Columbia through 1974, including the largest selling single in Columbia Records history to date, "Indian Reservation." Although the Raiders' final album was never released (it has been dubbed THE LOST ALBUM), a few cuts made it to THE LEGEND anthology, including "Chain of Fools"...with the group returning to it's R&B roots on that track.

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Link to The Raiders Booklet included in the album of
"Spirit of 67"


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Above is a great album which is differently one of the Raiders best albums and includes songs such as:

Good Thing,All About Her,In My Community , Louise ,Why Why Why,   Oh! To Be A Man, Hungry,Undecided Man , Our Candidate , 1001 Arabian Nights , The Great Airplane Strike


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The Raiders were the first Rock group to be signed by Colombia records which was a major label .

The Raiders had recorded Louie Louie before The Kingsmen who woumd up with the larger hit of the song. The Raiders even made a follow-up song called Louie Come Home.

The Raiders had the most tv hours on air than any group of this era with over 700 hours on air.
The Raiders stared in the tv Show " Where The Action Is" plus "Happening"  and appeared on many other shows including The Ed Sullivan Show.

The Raiders were the first group to record "I'm Not Your Steppin Stone' however they never released it as a single.

Raiders orginal memebers - Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay, Phil Volk(Fang) Smitty, and Doc Holiday . Doc was replaced by Drake Levin until the second album when he was drafted and Harpo replaced him. In 1968 Fang ,Harpo and Smity left the group to form the Brotherhood rock group. Joe Jr, , Freddy Weller, and Charlie Coe joined the group at this point . After two albums Charlie left the group and was replaced by an old Where the Action solo artist Kieth Allison. A little while later Joe jr left the group and Smitty came back to the group which is basically how the group ended there recording career in 1973 . Throughtout this entire period Paul and Mark both were always in the group. Today Paul still tours with the Raiders and Mark is continung with his solo career. Make sure you check out the Mark Lindsay webpage also on this website.

Terry Mercher was also involed alot with the group recordings.

In the later half of the groups career Mark Lindsay produce most of the albums.

The Raiders single Indian Reservation was Colombia's all time best selling single!

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Raiders 67 Booklet Page

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NOTE: All albums are now available on cd at either Sundazed Records or Mark Lindsay 's websites .

Paul Revere is touring with his Group!

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Mark Lindsay also Still Touring
and recording with his solo career!

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