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This page features new releases from groups of this eras .  This will have three types of new cd's featured.  There will be a new material section which will feature only all new material released by a group or member of a group of this era.  There will be a a unreleased material section which will feature songs recorded in the past but never released.  Plus there will be a new released cd which will feature an album of the past which was not available on cd until now.  Hope you enjoy this page and stop back offen to see what is new.



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Brian Wilson
This cd features all new songs by Brian including: Your Imagination,South American And Lay Down Burden. This cd is available from Giant Records

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Carrnie and Wendy Wilson
The Wilsons
Cd Named -The Wilsons
Featured the new song written  by Carol King and called Monday Without You.  The girls also have some other new material and some new songs with their father Brian Wilson.
Mercury Records a division of Polygram


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Mark Lindsay
Video Dreams

Features such songs as Ambush ,Video Dreams and Rouge on Blue ,plus many other great songs. Availalbe on alala music at

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Freddy Weller
Freddy Weller and Then Some
Check the Raiders webring for a link  for further information on this cd.   Available from Tyneville Records.

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Peter Noone
Peter the former lead singer of Herman Hermits
released a cd of his live performances of  I'm Into Something Good, Jazebel, and many more.

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Peter Noone
Million Sellers
All new Recordings of No Milk Today, There's a Kind Of Hush,Listen People, and more.
Check Peter's site for info .

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Gary Puckett
As It Stands
All new songs availalbe at Juslor Records ,check Gary site from our links page.

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Mickey Dolenz
Don't Do It
Includes:Easy On You,oh Someone,Daybreak and more , check Mickey's website.

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