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45 Cover of the single "She's My Girl"


Members of the Group

Howard Kaylan
Mark Volman
Andy Cahan
Rick Croucier
Tom Croucier
Rick Guidotti
Greg Hawkes
Joel Hoekstra
Don Kisselbach
Joe Stefko


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The group which started in 1965 with "It Ain't Me Babe" and "Let Me Be" and was considered Folk Rock continues on today as Flo and Eddie aand now appears as The Turtles . A trully great live act to see even today!!!. The group had no trouble in continuing on in the late sixty's with such great hits as "Happy Together", "She’d Rather Be With Me " , "Eleanore" , and " You Showed Me". This is a group which always could and still can make great music and entertain you with a great show at the same time, a rare talent. Flo is definitely the only person on earth who can really play the tambourine. If you see a tape of the group or see them in concert you will know what I mean. They are without a doubt my favorite group to see in concert. They are the only group which this statement can be made about "You do not even have to know one of their songs to enjoy their concert!" I have taken some friends which were not familiar with their work and did not believe that statement before the show to one of their concerts. They walked out believing this statement after seeing their act. They truly can entertain you with an absolutely great stage show. By the end of their concert you cannot help but to love their music. Flo and Eddie’s true names are Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan. They were the front men for the group The Turtles. One album which you should make sure is part of your collection is “The Turtles Featuring Flo & Eddie Captured Live” so you can hear MARK's   imitation of the Doors and Bruce plus many of their terrific hits. This also will prove to you that this is one group who still has the great excitement which made them famous. I also feel that the Turtles later work never received the recognition which it should have. I love some of their later work such as "Somewhere Friday Nite" and "Lady O". Flo and Eddie also did some tv work such as the Care Bears, which I would like to mention just to show how they can vary their style with no trouble. This shows what great performers they are!!!! .

Tom Brady

This great cd includes such songs as : It Ain't Me Babe, Let Me Be , Eve Of Destruction

You Baby, Grim Reper Of Love, Can I Get To Know You Better, Outside Chance,

Happy Together , She'd Rather Be With Me , Me About You , Guide For The Married Man,

She's My Girl ,You Know What I mean, Sound Asleep, Elenore , You Showed Me ,

The Story Of Rock & Roll, You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain, Love In The City



Another  Great Album

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SC 6035 - It Ain't Me Babe - Turtles [1994] Reissue of the 1965 album [White Whale WWS-7111], with three bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). Wandrin' Kind (S)/It Was A Very Good Year (S)/Your Maw Said You Cried (S)/Eve Of Destruction (S)/Glitter And Gold (S)/Let The Cold Winds Blow (S)/It Ain't Me Babe (S)/A Walk In The Sun (S)/Last Laugh (S)/Love Minus Zero (S)/Like A Rolling Stone (S)/+We'll Meet Again (S)/+Grim Reaper Of Love (S)/+So Goes Love (S)


SC 6036 - You Baby - Turtles [1994] Reissue of the 1966 album [White Whale WWS-7112], with two bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). Flyin' High (S)/I Know That You'll Be There (S)/House Of Pain (S)/Just A Room (S)/I Need Someone (S)/Let Me Be (S)/Down In Suburbia (S)/Give Love A Trial (S)/You Baby (S)/Pall Bearing Ball Bearing World (S)/All My Problems (S)/Almost There (S)/+Outside Chance (S)/+Can I Get To Know You Better (S)


SC 6037 - Happy Together - Turtles [1994] Reissue of the 1967 album [White Whale WWS-7114], with three bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). Makin' My Mind Up (S)/Guide For The Married Man (S)/Think I'll Run Away (S)/The Walking Song (S)/Me About You (S)/Happy Together (S)/She'd Rather Be With Me (S)/Too Young To Be One (S)/Person Without A Care (S)/Like The Seasons (S)/Rugs Of Woods And Flowers (S)/+She's My Girl (S)/+You Know What I Mean (S)/+Is It Any Wonder (S)


SC 6038 - The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands - Turtles [1994] Reissue of the 1968 LP [White Whale WWS-7118], with two bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). The Battle Of The Bands (S)/The Last Thing I Remember (S)/Elenore (S)/Too Much Heartsick Feeling (S)/Oh Daddy (S)/Buzzsaw (S)/Surfer Dan (S)/I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're The Royal Macadamia Nuts) (S)/You Showed Me (S)/Food (S)/Chicken Little Was Right (S)/Earth Anthem (S)/+Sound Asleep (S)/+The Story Of Rock And Roll (S)


SC 6086 - Turtle Soup - Turtles [1996] Reissue of the 1969 album [White Whale WWS-7124] with two bonus tracks plus a hidden track (indicated by "+"). Excellent to outstanding sound, but hissy; a low "B." Come Over (S)/House On The Hill (S)/She Always Leaves Me Laughing (S)/How You Love Me (S)/Torn Between Temptations (S)/Love In The City (S)/Bachelor Mother (S)/John And Julie (S)/Hot Little Hands (S)/Somewhere Friday Night (S)/Dance This Dance (S)/You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain (S)/+Lady-O (S)/+The Last Thing I Remember (S)/+Turtle Soup Radio Spot (M, starts at 3:33 of last track)


SC 6087 - Wooden Head - Turtles [1996] Reissue of the 1971 album [White Whale WWS-7133] with two bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). I Can't Stop (S)/She'll Come Back (S)/Get Away (S)/Wrong From The Start (S)/I Get Out Of Breath (S)/We'll Meet Again (S)/On A Summers Day (S)/Come Back (S)/Say Girl (S)/Tie Me Down (S)/Wanderin' Kind (M, hissy)/+Ain't Gonna Party No More (S)/+Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret (M)










The Turtles

1965 - It Ain't Me Babe (Dylan)

/ Almost There (Kaylan)


1965 - Let Me Be (P.F.Sloan)

/Your Maw Said You Cried (Schlaks,Glazer)


1965 - You Baby (Barri-Sloan)

/Wanderin' Kind (Kaylan)

1965 - It Was a Very Good Year (E.Drake) (Canada only)

/Let The Cold Winds Blow(Kaylan)


1966 - Grim Reaper of Love (Portz-Nichol) /Come Back (Kaylan)



1966 - Outside Chance (W. Zevon)

/We'll Meet Again (Parker,Charles)

1966 - Making My Mind Up (Dalton,Montgomery)

/Outside Chance (Zevon)


1966 - Can I Get to Know You Better (Barri-Sloan)

/Like the Seasons (Zevon)


1966 - Happy Together (Bonner-Gordon)

/Like the Seasons (Zevon)

1967 - She'd Rather Be With Me (Bonner-Gordon)

/Walking Song (Kaylan,Nichol)


1967 - Guide For the Married Man (Williams, Bricusse)

/Think I'll Run Away (Kaylan,Volman)


1967 - You Know What I Mean (Bonner-Gordon)

/Rugs of Woods & Flowers (Kaylan,Nichol)

1967 - She's My Girl (Bonner-Gordon)

/Chicken Little Was Riqht (Turtles)


1968 - Sound Asleep (Turtles)

/Umbassa and the Dragon (Turtles)


1968 - The Story of Rock & Roll (Nilsson)

/Can't You Hear the Cows (Turtles)

1968 - Elenore (Turtles)

/Surfer Dan (Turtles)


1969 - You Showed Me (Clark,McGuinn)

/Buzz Saw (Turtles)


1969 - House On the Hill (Turtles)

/Come Over (Turtles)

1969 - You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain (Turtles)

/Come Over (Turtles)


1969 - Love in the City (Turtles)

/Bachelor Mother (Turtles)


1969 - Lady-O (J.Sills)

/Somewhere Friday Night (Turtles)

1969 - Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret (Dino,Sembello)

/We Ain't Gonna Party No More (Turtles)


1970 - Is It Any Wonder (Barri-Sloan)

/ Wanderin' Kind (Kaylan)


1970 - Eve of Destruction (Sloan)

/Wanderin' Kind (Kaylan)

1970 - Me About You (Bonner,Gordon)

/Think I'll Run Away (Kaylan,Volman)


The Group in 1969



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The group was started in 1963 in Westchester NY  but their name was not the Turtles at this time. The orginal name of the group was The Crossfires.

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This era of the group was a instrumental surf band. However in 1964 the group decided that it was time for a change and went on to become a folk -rock group . They also decided that it was time to change their name and had some names in their head such as the SIX PACKS . However their manager decided to make their name The Turtles since it sounded English . This was the height of the British Invasion and he wanted them to fit into the current music scene. Their first single was a Bob Dylan song called It An't Me Babe which went right up the charts like many of their singles which were to follow.
Singles included such songs as Let Me Be, You Baby, She'd Rather Be With Me, She's My Girl, Elenore, You Showed Me, Lady-o, and of course HAPPY TOGETHER.  The group admired The Beatles and always watched the direction which they were moving.  If the Beatles did it the Turtles did it which did send them in their next direction which was ACID ROCK . The group came out with a song called She's My Girl which was very acid rock-oriented. They had dabbled in this style earlier with Grim Reaper of Love which was not as successful.  . They continued on successfully until their was a money problem with their record company White Whale . It had appeared that the record company had shorted the group of a large sum of money and the group being the major factor which kept the company alive decided to quit the company. However basically the group broke up after this time period which was 1970 . Mark and Howard due to old contacts could not use the TURTLES name or even their own and this when they decided to become FLO AND EDDIE.  They recorded many albums under this name. It was not until the 80's that they came back as THE TURTLES and have been going strong ever since then.  They are still a top touring band today and are without a doubt one of the top stage showmen around even today. If you would like more details about their history you should check their official website at

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    She Rather Be With Me !


When White Whale signed the Turtles, they were known as "The Crossfires"; a surf music band looking to change their style, as surf music was fading. The label encouraged a name change to "The Tyrtles", in the manner of The Beatles and The Byrds. The band accepted the new name, but not the variant spelling. Relations between the label and the band were not always smooth, with White Whale pressuring the band for "more hits", then for singers Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman to fire the rest of the group, and work instead with hired musicians, to save costs. Kaylan wrote the song "Elenore" as a humorous take on "Happy Together" (the group's biggest hit), which ironically became a hit itself. He and Volman also democratized the group, insisting everyone share in the writing and vocal duties, despite what the label wanted.

When the Turtles disbanded, White Whale lost their big moneymaker, and the label went out of business in the early 1970s. White Whale's assets were sold at auction, including the Turtles's master recordings whose winners were Kaylan and Volman, making them the owners of their own works.

Three compilations of singles from the label have been released on CD: "Happy Together: The Very Best of White Whale Records," and two volumes of the "Phantom Jukebox" series on Rev-Ola record




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On this Album

Happy Together
She'd Rather Be With Me
Let Me Be
You Know What I Mean
You Baby
It An't Me Babe
She's My Girl
Eve Of Destruction
You Showed Me
Outside Chance
Can I get To Know You Better
You Don't Have To walk In The Rain
Grim Reaper of Love



This cd shows the Flo and Eddie act live and shows you how if you never heard of a Turtle song you will enjoy the show!!!!  Without a doubt one of the best showmen on tour even today!!!




Friday Afternoon


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Flo and Eddie /  The Turtles in Westbury NY

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Rockgroups Webring



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