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Peter Noone lead singer for the Hermits recently had his own TV show on Vh_1 called  "My Generation " and is presently touring with Davy Jones and Bobby Sherman.  Peter has a new cd out which you can purchase from his website .Peter was truly the heart of rock and roll and still till this day is a great act to see!


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   By being so cheerful, playful, clean, charming, friendly, and cute, they epitomized perfectly the "British Invasion" of 1964-1967.  They were British to a fault.  Even their musical style, unlike other groups (such as the Rolling Stones and The Beatles), was based equally, if not more so, on  British pop music, rather than American rhythm & blues.  The Hermits owed at least as great a musical debt to English music hall, and to vaudeville.  On stage Herman often acted more like a corny vaudevillian than the lead singer in a rock band.  Two of their biggest hits, "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" and "I'm Henry the VIII, I am"  were new arrangements of old pub songs.   They achieved seven Top Ten singles in 1965, and nine consecutive Top Ten singles in 65-66.  Altogether, they had eleven singles reach the   Top  Ten and fifteen singles reach the  Top  Twenty between October 1964 and June 1967.  Fifteen hits in thirty-two months, or approximately one every eight weeks!

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    Practically every song that Herman's Hermits recorded reflected teen-age life.  Listen to teen-age love, teen-age desires, and teen-age frustrations in "I'm Into Something Good" and "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat".  Pretty ballads like "There's A Kind of Hush" were particularly suited to Herman's soft voice and and the Hermits sparse instrumental accompaniment.  Their bright and cheerful outlook on life, being young and all, is reflected in songs like "This  Door Swings Both Ways" and "Just a Little Bit Better".

        It isn't often that a greatest hits package is so chock full of hits.  It isn't often that one group records so many hits, especially in such a short period of time.

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Hermans Hermits Links

Peter Noone's Page - http://members.aol.com/noonepage/pnfan1.htm

Official Page - http://www.peternoone.com

Group Official Page: www.hermanhermits.com

E-mail Peter Noone - NO.ONE@prodigy.net


Above is Peter Noone New Cd Which is available to order from his Homepage . It includes many of hit songs which he has recorded in concert !!


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Above is one of my favorite albums by Herman Hermits which includes such songs as :

There is a Kind of Hush ,Saturday's Child, No Milk Today, Gaslight Street , East-West,

Dandy and my all time favorite song : Jezebel .plus many more great songs!!!


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I'm into Something Good
Wonderful world
Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter
I'm Henry the eighth I am
Just a little bit better
A must to avoid
This door swings both ways
No milk today
East west
There's a kind of hush
I can take or leave your loving
Sleepy Joe
Sunshine Girl
Something is happening
My sentimental friend
Years may come, years may go

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Now Available from Peter Nonne's website!



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The way Peter Noone  Pop singer started at 15. (They let me join the group because me father said he'd be guarantor for all the equipment. Guitars, amplifiers - they were all on H.P. All on the 'drip'.") There were hit records at 16, then hit after hit so that now he has sold 50 million single records.
    Before he was 21 he had signed a contract with a film company for one million dollars, and on his 21st birthday he made a night of it by getting married.
    Recently he was the subject of This Is Your Life. It's as well he has been busy; he is only 24 now. It could have been a very short programme.
    He used to be Herman of Herman and The Hermits fame. The name went because he had a horror of still being a Herman in middle age. "It'd be daft," he says.
    He is open about his past. "I was a right little maniac." He said it as he sat hand in hand with his French wife Mireille who is two years older than him. Her English is fractured, but the missing words are covered by smiles. One word she has picked up is her husband's use of "me." "I vonder vair I should put me coat?" she asks.
    His features are still impish. When he talks about his wild expensive days, before meeting Mireille, it seems slightly incongruous that Herman, who was then even more imp-like and innocent looking, was rushing round and being the right little horror that he says he was. He might have taken part in the wild life, but it doesn't all seem to have been for real.
    There is a nice line he comes out with when he mentions his involvement with "groupie" girls in New York. "I didn't know they were 'groupies.' I thought they liked me." He says it was something that was inevitable. Just a phase that he had to go through. "It was expensive - you wouldn't believe how expensive - but in the end it made me grow up so fast it wasn't true.
    "Wnenever I see a young kid now with a big hit record I know just what he's going to do. I know, I've done it. "I was 17 and they kept throwing money at me..."
    And Peter Noone admits that, innocent-looking or not, money fascinates him. Even now he faithfully fills in his football pools coupon each week. "We came from a very all-right area of Manchester. The sort of area where kids get a bike each Christmas. But I wanted to make money."
    While he was at music college he appeared on Granada Television carol-singing. "And they paid me! Later the same guy came round the college again and I appeared in a series. And they gave me more money. Then I got the part of Len Fairclough's son, Stanley, in Coronation Street and they really paid me a lot of money. And I thought: 'that's it. I'll be an actor.'
    "But for two years no work came in. So to make money I'd sell programmes at Old Trafford and on Saturday nights I'd sell newspapers - the pink and the green."
    He became a pop singer when he joined a local youth club. When bookings came in, he became Peter Novack and The Heartbeats. "But that sounded very corny. A touch of the gold lamè jackets. So then I chose Herman because it sounded like a joke."
    His first record was I'm Into Something Good. The wild days for Peter Noone had begun. They began with cars. "The money came in and I had to have a car. Or rather cars."
    He bought a Jaguar, then a Cadillac, then a Chevrolet, then a Rolls-Royce. Now he drives a Volvo. "It suits me and Mireille. A very reliable car. I've had all the flash ones. I'm lucky I've done it."
    "Those days," he says, I didn't have a thought in my head except that I should look the part. I'd come straight from school into the world of big spenders.

 "That's why I drank. I thought the more you drank the more you were one of the boys. From 17 until 20 - the big money days - I regularly drank a bottle of vodka a day. I hardly drink at all now."
    When his records took off in America, the group was playing dates totalling £4,000 a night, and flying from one venue to the next. "The Beatles went by bus, but we went by plane," he remarks.
    "Two things have been on my side in this business," he says. "Luck and good health. And I needed good health the way I was going." Rather than have a permanent home, he would book hotel suites for months at a time. "When you stop and think how much money I did in for no real reason, it's incredible."
    He says he doesn't regret it. "I'm pleased that I had the chance, but I'm even more pleased that I've been through it and have still got money. I was one of the lucky ones. There are others in the pop business who do in their money and go back to the factory bench. I've got my life planned now. You have one inning and me and Mireille are going to enjoy it. I've money saved now. No, I can't tell you how much. But enough to enjoy it."
    The most Expensive Day Ever cost him £2,000. He was staying in America at the Beverly Hills Hilton. "I remember I had the suite next to the late Gulbenkian and I wondered whether to invite him in for a drink. What a flash little horror I must have been.
    "That day a friend of mine, a drummer in a group, was getting married, and at the time the group didn't earn much so they couldn't afford a reception. So after the wedding I invited everyone back to the hotel. Hundreds came.
    "Everybody remembers that day. I was pleased I could do it. If you saw the couple, they were so in love and everything, you would have done the same, too ..."
    He bought his parents a new home - a 20-bedroomed hotel in Herne Bay, Kent. The gesture ended in a bankruptcy court when his father admitted spending £23,000 in the two years he had managed the hotel. His son now says: "It taught me a lot. My parents and me go our separate ways over things at the moment. I wouldn't bother doing that again unless I was there on the doorstep watching where the money was going.
    "I look after my money now. When I was 20, I'd hardly anything left. I've saved more, now, that I ever had when I was playing America for the big money. But we spend still. Every time I have a break we go on holiday. "We have a wonderful life. I know it, don't tell me. But I want it to go on, so now I'm careful."
    He has left the group behind him. At Christmas he was Dick Whittington in pantomime at Bristol. Soon he will tour with musicians of his own choice.
    "I was looking at my gold discs," he says, "and it was like going back to another era. Ringo's got all of his on the toilet wall. I'll put mine there.
    "Hit records? So much luck. I made Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter. It was made in three minutes - it sold seven million. Daft. "I want to go on being a singer, but I want it to be worthwhile. What I do I want to mean.
    Marriage, he thinks, calmed him down. "The group knew it was the real thing when Mireille came on tour with us. We'd had this rule - no women were to come along. But this was different."
    Mireille says: "He was a very nice, unusual boy. He is a kind, sensitive boy. He is very ... original. Yes? He is like an old man in the business. Always he thinks of security. An old head up there I think."
    Peter Noone says: "We go everywhere together. We get on. She even came as my dresser while I was in pantomime.
    "I know we've the good life. I know I've been lucky; I never stop knowing. Now we're holding on to what we've got."



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Herman's Hermits
Released 1965

I'm Into Something Good
Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
Kansas City Loving
I Wonder
Sea Cruise
Walking With My Angel
Show Me Girl
I Understand (Just How You Feel)
Your Hand In Mine
I Know Why
Thinking Of You

Hold On!
Released 1965

Hold On!
The George And Dragon
Got A Feeling
Wild Love
Leaning On The Lamp Post
Where Were You When I Needed You
All The Things I Do For You Baby
Gotta Get Away
Make Me Happy
A Must To Avoid

When The Boys Meet The Girls
Released 1965

When The Boys Meet The Girls (Connie Francis)
Monkey See, Monkey Do (Sam The Sham And The Pharoahs)
Embraceable You (Harve Presnell)
Throw It Out Your Mind (Louis Armstrong & Orchestra)
Mail Call (Connie Francis)
I Got Rhythm (Connie Francis & Harve Presnell)
Listen People (Herman's Hermits)
Bidin' My Time (Herman's Hermits)
Embraceable You (Connie Francis)
Aruba Liberace (Liberace)
But Not For Me (Connie Francis & Harve Presnell)
I Got Rhythm (Louis Armstrong & Orchestra)

The Best Of Herman's Hermits, Volume I
Released 1965


Herman's Hermits On Tour
Released 1965

Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
I'm Henry VIII, I Am
The End Of The World
For Your Love
I Gotta Dream On
Don't Try To Hurt Me
The Future Mrs. 'Awkins
Oh Mr. Porter
The Man With The Cigar
Two Lovely Black Eyes
My Reservation's Been Confirmed
My Old Dutch


Both Sides Of Herman's Hermits
Released 1966

This Door Swings Both Ways
Bus Stop
For Love
L'Autre Jour
Dial My Number
The Future Mrs. 'Awkins
Oh Mr. Porter
The Man With The Cigar
Two Lovely Black Eyes
My Reservation's Been Confirmed
My Old Dutch


The Best Of Herman's Hermits Volume II
Released 1966

This Door Swings Both Ways
Listen People
Bus Stop
Story Of My Life
Little Boy Sad
A Must To Avoid
Hold On!
Leaning On A Lamp Post
For Your Love
Take Love, Give Love


There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World
Released 1967

There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World
Saturday's Child
If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin'
You Won't Be Leaving
No Milk Today
Little Miss Sorrow, Child Of Tomorrow
Gaslight Street


Released 1967

Upstairs, Downstairs
Busy Line
Moonshine Man
Green Street Green
Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Going To Melt)
I Call Out Her Name
One Little Packet Of Cigarettes
Last Bus Home
Ace, King, Queen, Jack


Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter
Released 1968

It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning
Holiday Inn
Ooh, She's Done It Again
There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World
Lemon And Lime
The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life
Daisy Chain Part 1
Daisy Chain Part 2
The World Is For The Young
Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter


The Best Of Herman's Hermits Volume III
Released 1968

Big Man
There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World
Moonshine Man
No Milk Today
What Is Wrong, What Is Right
East West
Wings Of Love
Mum & Dad
Last Bus Home
Don't Go Out Into The Rain


The Best Of Herman's Hermits
Released 1969

I'm Henry VIII, I Am
Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter
I'm Into Something Good
Just A Little Bit Better
Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
The End Of The World
Sea Cruise
I Gotta Dream On
Wonderful World


The Most Of Herman's Hermits
Released 1971

Years May Come, Years May Go
There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World
I'm Into Something Good
No Milk Today
Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter
I'm Henery The Eighth I Am
You Won't Be Leaving
Leaning On A Lamp Post
The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life
Sea Cruise
Here Comes A Star


The Most Of Herman's Hermits Volume 2
Released 1972

A Must To Avoid
Saturdays Child
If You're Thinking What I'm Thinking
Little Miss Sorrow
My Sentimental Friend
Lemon And Lime
Smile Please
It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning
Gaslite Street




[ Herman's Hermits 45's

Song Title Highest US
Chart Position
Peak Month Highest UK
Chart Position
"I'm Into Something Good" #13 August 1964 #1
"Show Me Girl" - November 1964 #19
"Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?" #2 January 1965 -
"Silhouettes" #5 January 1965 #3
"Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter" #1 March 1965 -
"Wonderful World" #4 April 1965 #7
"I'm Henry VIII, I Am" #1 June 1965 -
"Just a Little Bit Better" #7 August 1965 #15
"A Must To Avoid" #8 December 1965 #6
"Listen People" #3 February 1966 -
"You Won't Be Leaving" - February 1966 #20
"Leaning on A Lamp Post" #7 April 1965 -
"This Door Swings Both Ways" #12 June 1966 #18
"Dandy" #3 October 1966 -
"No Milk Today" #35 October 1966 #7
"East West" #33 December 1966 #37
"There's A Kind of Hush" #4 February 1967 #7
"Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Going To Melt)" #20 May 1967 -
"Museum" #37 September 1967 -
"I Can't Take Or Leave Your Loving" - January 1968 #11
"Sleepy Joe" - March 1968 #12
"Sunshine Girl" - July 1968 #8
"Something's Happening" - December 1968 #6
"My Sentimental Friend" - April 1969 #2
"Here Comes The Star" - November 1969 #33
"Years May Come, Years May Go" - February 1970 #7
"Bet Yer Life I Do" - May 1970 #22

NOTE:  "Mrs. Brown You Got a Lovely Daughter "was the groups only #1 in the USA




Formed in Manchester England in 1964. Named after a cartoon character in TV's "The Bullwinkle Show" . Consisted of Peter "Herman" Noone ,Derek Leckenby , Keith Hopwood, Karl Green and Barry Whitman. The group was first called The Heartbeats. Noone left the group in 1972 to continue his career with his solo act. The group had 18 top 40 Billboard hits. The groups first hit was in 11/14/64 with the song I'm Into Something Good. In 1965 the group out sold the Beatles and sold seventeen million records between 1964 and 1967. The group recorded on MGM record label and had several hit albums and many many hit singles and even went on to a small movie career with their movie called HOLD ON. In the later part of the sixties the group continued on with such hits as Kind of A Hush/ No Milk today /Dandy/ and Listen People . The band broke up in the early seventies however the group tries to tour without peter which by the way I was able to see one of these shows in a restaurant in The Empire State Building in NYC. They were a good tour group however they did not continue on with this life. Peter Noone however who was the lead singer did continue with his solo career and has some of his solo cd's available at his website and also still continues to tour the world!!

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hhdandy.jpg (46096 bytes)           hhkindhush.jpg (29940 bytes)

Peter Noone studied music and acting at the Manchester School of Music, and in 1963 he was singing in a local band called The Heartbeats with guitarists Karl Green, Derek Leckenby, and Keith Hopwood, and drummer Barry Whitwam. Under the wing of producer Mickie Most, they changed their name to Herman's Hermits and released a single, I'm Into Something Good (written by Goffin/King), that went to #1 on the UK charts. The band then followed The Beatles to the USA. Their Top Ten hits included Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter, I'm Henry The Eighth I Am, Can't You Hear My Heartbeat, Silhouettes, Wonderful World, Just A Little Better, Listen People, Dandy, A Must To Avoid, Leaning On The Lamp Post, and There's A Kind Of Hush. They recorded six studio albums and released three Greatest Hits collections (the first of which stayed on the album chart for a whopping 105 weeks) in the span of less than four years.


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Current Picture  of  PETER NOONE





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