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The Moody Blues started off as just part of the British Rock Invasion of the sixties with songs like GO NOW. They then turned into the mystery group of the sixties and remain that way today. It started with Days of the Future Passed, then came the hits Nights in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon. However the entire album with these songs on it was and is great which started them down the road to being an album making group rather than just a single hits group. All of their albums have that special mystery about them . My personnel favorite album was Every Boy Deserves a Favor.

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For over 30 years, the Moody Blues have been revolutionizing rock music. With their lyrics of peace, love, understanding, & spirituality, the Moodies have personally touched the lives of millions of fans worldwide. They created what is now called "symphonic rock" in 1967 with their groundbreaking album, Days Of Future Passed,
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& broke the bonds of both mainstream & progressive rock with their union of melodic guitar, pioneering percussion, rolling bass, & the haunting mellotron. The spirit of the Moody Blues sails on today in the guise of vocalist/guitarist Justin Hayward, percussionist Graeme Edge, vocalist/bassist John Lodge, & vocalist/flutist Ray Thomas. Start your journey into the musical legacy of the rock legend that could not, & still cannot, be slaves to the music critics who wish to categorize them. Presently they are still touring and if you have never been to a Moody concert then you are missing a great musical experiece. They present their elaberate music just as it appears on the cd.  In 1998 the group released a great album called Keys for the Kingdom,

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The group has released there last album called Strange Times which I have made a separate site for at :

I also recomend another website about the album at:


Tom Brady


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Seventh Sojourn

This album conains such songs as:Lost n A Lost World, New Horizons, For My Lady, Isn't Life Strange,

You And Me, I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band ,plus many other great songs!

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Some Moody Blues Songs

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In Your Wildest Dreams
Other Side Of Life

The Voice

Story In Your Eyes

Tuesday Afternoon

Veterian Cosmic Rocker
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Isn't Life Strange

Nights In White Satin

I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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Ride My See-Saw

Legend on My Mine

I'm Just A Singer



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The Box set called the Time Traveler contains most of the groups major songs and should be part of every Moody fan collection.



Formed in Birmingham, England in 1964 and consisted of Denny Laine(gitar),Ray Thomas (Flute) Mike Pinder (keyboards) , Clint Warwick (bass) and Graeme Edge (drums) , the group had their first hit with the song "Go Now' .Laine and warwick left in the summer of 1966 and were replaced by Justin Hayward (lead gitar) and John Lodge (bass gitar) ,and the group became the group we know today as The Moody Blues. Laine join Wings in 1971.  Pinder join thegroup Yes in 1978. The newly formed group had their first hit with the song "Tuesday Afternoon" in 8/24/68 . However the song from the same album , in fact the groups most famous song " Nights In White Satin" was not releasd as a single until 9/02/72.  The group was on labels such as London, Dream, Threshold and Polydor. The group had 13 top 40 singles on the Billboard Charts, however the group was always known more as a album group than a top 40 group. The group is still recording and touring today .

Visit Our website on the groups Newest Album



1-The Moody Blues orginal group was descovered by Brian Epstein
2- The Group toured with the Beatles in 1965
3-Orgianl memebers - Denny Laine/ Clint Warwick/ Mike Pinder/Graeme Edge/Ray Thomas
4-Justin Hayward and John Lodge repleced Laine and Warwick in 1966 at the group's lowest point.
5- Laine join Mc Carthy in 1971 to play in the group Wings
6- The group released their first album as we know them in 1968 called Days of the Future past which went to #3 on the album charts.
7- The Song Nights in White Satin did not become a hit until 1972 after the album was re-released after Seven Sojourn.
8- The group disbanded in 1974 and got back together in 1977 after the album Caught Live was released and was very successful.
9-In 1978 the group released their first studio album again Octive which went Platinium.
10-The groups last album was released in 1999 called Strange Times with hopefully many more to follow!!


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