Mark Lindsay
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Cavestomp 98 New York City Concert


Mark Lindsay with the Chesterfields



Mark in his Raider Outfit in the Conney Island High nightclub



Mark Sang Some Raider Classics such as:

Kicks , Hungry, Steppin' Out, Louie Go Home,

Just like Me, Steppin Stone


The Young and Rough New York Crowd Went Wild Over Mark!

Hey Girls, Is that A ponytail? YES!


Yes , I finally got to meet Mark !

In case you are confused I am the one on the right!


Mark and Myself backstage at the Sundaze Records Concert.

P.S.--Sorry the pictures did  not come out better.

The Cooney Island High Nightclub is located in the Village in NYC and is a major NY club.

The Club has three floors with the main stage on the first floor and the backstage setup area

Is on the lower floor. Sundaze Records was using the upper floor to display all of their products.

About mid-way through the Chesterfields solo performace the crowd starting chatting "Mark Lindsay"

It wa s a very young crowd but they went crazy when Mark finally hit the stage. I would estemate the main floor

Usually holds about 500 people but I would say there was about 700 people there this night.

I must say Mark performing with the younger group , The Chesterfields just seem to make Mark perform

Better than ever!!!! I thought it was 1967 again and that is the way the crowd was acti ng and the group sounded.

Differently a night to remember!!!!!





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