GROUP------    The Beach Boys



1-Time To Get Alone--Silver Shadow--CD -9316-2

2-Time To Get Alone Disc #2 --Silver Shadow--CD-9316-2

3-The Dutch Singles Collection--EMI--724349650725

4-Endless Harmony Vol. 2--Crapitol Records--3241971-9354368

5-Summer in Paradise--British Rerelease + Bonus songs

6-Landlocked/Adult Child--GEMA--FLCD17

7-Landlocked-ADD--9009-2----18 tracks

8-Live At The Filmore East--Moonlight--ML9507

9-Adult Child-Make A Wave

10-New Album-Make A Wave

11-California Feeling-Make A Wave

12-Brian Wilson/Andy Paley-Sessions 1994-1996-Chief's Records


14-Bamboo-Dennis Wilson-Bell Bottom--BB044

15-Bamboo-Dennis Wilson-CiscOdisc

16-Still i dream of you-33 tracks-SOT

17-Miscellaneous Trax-The Honeys and others-2CD-SOT

18-Al Jardines And The Boys

19-Rarities + 25 tracks

20-Beach Boys Live-Central Park

21-Beach Boys 1991- Valley Forge Concert

22-Adult Child-millennium edition-HAL 002

23-Rare Singles

24-California Feeling-27 tracks

25-On Christmas Day/ Brian Wilson

26-Sweet Insanity-millennium edition-HAL 001

27-Sweet Insanity-Ivasion-IU9418-1

28-Beach Boys/Brian Wilson-20 tracks-Landylocked-Geritol ST-62042

29-The Wilson Project-Brian Wilson-Ivasion-IU9419-1

30-21 Little Ones-Brian Wilson-VigOTone-151

31-Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys Solos-PolyPhone-PH1316

32-Come Back Brian-Vigatone

33-Brian Rare Ones-

34-Another 21 Little Ones


36-Beach Boys, UnsurpassBed Masters Vol.1, Alterante Surfin Safari Album, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-ART

37-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2, Alternative Surfin USA Album, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-ART

38-Beach Boys,Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 3, Alternative Surfin Girl Album, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-ART

39-Beach Boys,Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4, Miscellaneous Trax Vol. 1, Sea Of Tunes 2-A-ART

40-Beach Boys,Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 5, Miscellaneous Trax Vol. 2, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-ART

41-Beach Boys,Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 6, Alternative All Summer Long Album, Sea Of Tunes 3-A-ART

42- Beach Boys,Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7, Alternative Today Album Vol. 1, Sea Of Tunes 4-A-ART

43-Beach Boys,Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 8, Alternative Today Album Vol. 2, Sea Of Tunes 4-A-ART

44-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 9, Alternative Summer Days & Summer Nights, Sea Of Tunes 4-A-ART

45-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 10, Alternative Party Album, Sea Of Tunes 4-A-ART

46-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 11, Miscellaneous Trax (1965), Sea Of Tunes 2-A-ART

47-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 12, "Sloop John B" Sessions, Sea Of Tunes 2-A-ART

48-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 13, Alternative Pet Sounds Vol. 1, Sea Of Tunes 4-A-ART

49-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 14, Alternative Pet Sounds Album Vol. 2, Sea Of Tunes 4-A-ART

50-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 15, Good Vibrations Sessions, Sea Of Tunes 3-A-ART

51-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 16, The "SMILE" Album, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-ART

52-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 17, SMILE Sessions, Sea Of Tunes 3-A-ART

53-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 18, Alternative Smile Album, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-ART

54-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 19, Alternative Wild Honey Album, Sea Of Tunes 2-A-ART

55-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 20, Alternative Friends & 20/20 Album, Sea Of Tunes 2-A-ART

56-Beach Boys, Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 21, Today & Summer Days/Nights Stereo, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-NO ART

57-Beach Boys, 8/1/64 Live Sacromento First Show, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-ART

58-Beach Boys, 8/1/64 Live Sacramento Second Show, Sea Of Tunes 1-A-ART

59-Beach Boys, The Live Box, Sea Of Tunes 3-A-ART

60-Beach Boys, Christmas Sessions, Sea Of Tunes 3-A-ART

61-Beach Boys, Archaeology Box Set, Lost Recording/ SMILE Sessions, Picaresque Records 5-A-ART

62-Beach Boys, Goodbye Surfing Hello God- Box Set, Vigotone 5-A-ART

63-Beach Boys, Sun Surf and Balloons, PolyPhone 1-B/C-ART

64-Lost recording sessions 2 cd set 1963-1968--

65- Brian Loves you --18 tracks--

66-the Golden Collection--18 track cd many rare singles-

67- 1977 Christmas Album

68-Beach Boys to the End -- 2 set set 24 and 18 tracks of later career songs

69-Deep Sea treasures Vol #2

70- Alternate Smiley Smile album

71- Beach Boys at jones Beach 8/27/94

72-Brian Wilson 's Pet Sounds Symphonic Tour

73- Journals Vol #2 --

74- Shut Down --Crapitol- Beach Boys and others car songs

75- Lei'D In Hawaii reHersal --Vigatone--133

76-Almost Smile -- Songs which people debate if they are Smile era

77- Beach Boys rare Ones

78- Lei'd In Hawaii Concert -- Discpeat --Concert album

79- Smile -- Discpeat ---

80- MY SMILE -- my own mix of a smile cd




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