The Honeys

Marilyn Rovell --  Brian's Girlfriend who became his wife.

Diane Rovell -- Marilyn's sister who Brian became close to.

Ginger Blake --  Marilyn & Diane's cousin - Garry Usher's Girlfriend .

All of their songs were produced by Brian Wilson and alot were even written by Brian.

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Brian Wilson was a large fan of Phil Spector who was a major producer of many of the hits at this time . Brian's favorte song was one done by Spector with his wife's group The Ronettes and was called " Be My Baby" .  Brian decided to try something similar with his girl group "The Honeys" . The Honeys first album was not credited to Brian but to Nick Venet who produced some of the early Beach Boys songs. The second album by the Honeys was credited to Brian and did have a more Spector sound to it. Neither album did that well but Brian decided that for the third time he would write /arrange and produce the music . The album is good but it did not make it commerically . There was a single also released under the name Sharon Marie which was beleive to be one of the Honeys.

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Listing on Lp

Running Away From Love-M Wilson/Rovell-Blake-Naktin
Ecstasy-- Carmen
Love You Forever--Greenberg-Avnet
You Brought it All On Yourself-Brian Wilson
Indian Giver--Gentry-Cordell-Bloom
Temation Eyes-- Price-Walsh
Boy From Nowhere-Ferguson-Smith
Girls Are Vicious--M Wilson/Rovell-Blake-Naktin
Be My Baby-Barry -Spector-Greenwich
Go Away Boy--B Wilson-M Wilson-Rovell-Blake-Naktin

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In 1972 Brian got the two sisters together to record again under the name "Spring" Diane and Marilyn .  The group was accepted well and embarked on a tour of England where they were called "American Spring" due to a conflict with a British group.

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Trivia-- Marilyn and Brian's daughters , Carnie and Wendy Wilson later went on to be 2/3's of the music group Wilson-Phillips and then on to their own singing careers. 
Trivia-- The Honeys were only one of Brian's non-Beach Boys projects. In fact Brian Wilson's first #1 single was with the group Jan and Dean with the song Surf's City.



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