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Peter Noone lead singer for the Hermits recently had his own TV show on Vh_1 called  "My Generation " and is presently touring with Davy Jones and Bobby Sherman.  Peter has a new cd out which you can purchase from his website.Peter was trully the heart of rock'n roll and still till this day is a great act to see!


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   By being so cheerful, playful, clean, charming, friendly, and cute, they epitomized perfectly the "British Invasion" of 1964-1967.  They were British to a fault.  Even their musical style, unlike other groups (such as the Rolling Stones and The Beatles), was based equally, if not more so, on  British pop music, rather than American rhythm & blues.  The Hermits owed at least as great a musical debt to English music hall, and to vaudeville.  On stage Herman often acted more like a corny vaudevillian than the lead singer in a rock band.  Two of their biggest hits, "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" and "I'm Henry the VIII, I am"  were new arrangements of old pub songs.   They achieved seven Top Ten singles in 1965, and nine consecutive Top Ten singles in 65-66.  Altogether, they had eleven singles reach the   Top  Ten and fifteen singles reach the  Top  Twenty between October 1964 and June 1967.  Fifteen hits in thirty-two months, or approximately one every eight weeks!

    Practically every song that Herman's Hermits recorded reflected teen-age life.  Listen to teen-age love, teen-age desires, and teen-age frustrations in "I'm Into Something Good" and "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat".  Pretty ballads like "There's A Kind of Hush" were particularly suited to Herman's soft voice and and the Hermits sparse instrumental accompaniment.  Their bright and cheerful outlook on life, being young and all, is reflected in songs like "This  Door Swings Both Ways" and "Just a Little Bit Better".

        It isn't often that a greatest hits package is so chock full of hits.  It isn't often that one group records so many hits, especially in such a short period of time.

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