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The group which we all know and love as Three Dog Night started as a group named Redwood (named by Brian Wilson,who is still friends even today with Danny) which was going to be on the Beach Boys Label ,Brother Records with their first song was going to be the song which the Beach Boys made famous "Darlin" however I think they made a good choice when they decided to go with ABC Dunhill Records and do there first song called "ONE" which made it to billboards number one.  Orginally Dunhill was not going to release this song as a single however after many request from DJ's about the song and a Radio campagin by Chuck the label decided to release the song as a single ,good choice ,huh!  From 1969 through 1974 nobody had more number one songs than Three Dog Night. The other story of trivia is their name Three Dog Night.   Well ,Danny 's girlfriend read an article about the cold nights in Australia with the aborigines sleep in holes in the earth with their dingo dogs and the colder it is the more dogs are allowed in. On a really cold night is refered to as a three dog night.  Anyway enough trivia , now some small facts. The three lead singers of group are:Danny Hutton/Chuck Negron/ and Cary Wells.   As far as song writting many of  their songs were writen by Harry Nilsson/Randy Newman/Elton John/Laura Nyro and Paul Williams. Some of their other hits include :Easy to be Hard,Family of Man, Old Fashion love song, Joy to the world, Mama told me not to come, Never Been to Spain,Black and White,Liar Eli's Coming,One Man Band,Shambala,Celebrate ,just to name a few!!!!!!!!!  For Futher information contact their fan club at P.O. Box 1975 , Rowlelt  TX 75030 or contact them on the web at And of course you may always contact Madonna at

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One , Easy To Be Hard , Mama Told me, Eli's Coming , Your Song, Celebrite, One Man Band , Out In The Country,

Nobody , Woman , Don't Make Promises, Try A Little Tenderness, Liar,Never been To Spain,Black And white, and more!


The group's orginal lead singers were Danny Hutton,Cory Wells and Chuck Negrron. The Group's first hit "One" was released in 5/31/69 and the group continued on with one hit after the other until they had 32 top 40 hits on the Billboard Charts. Til The World Ends was their last in 8/9/75 . the Group stayed on the same label, Dunhill, ABC throughout their career.

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