The Beach Boys

Capitol Years

bbsurfsaf.gif (6551 bytes)     The groups first album with such songs as Surfin, Surfin Surfari, and 409 plus many other favorites.




bbsurfusa.gif (6770 bytes)   The groups second album included the Surfin USA  and Shut Down plus many fine songs such as Farmers Daughter.




bbsurfgrl.gif (5730 bytes)    The groups third album had their hit Surfer Girl ,Catch a Wave,Little Deuce Coupe and Hawaii plus many others.




bbshutdwn.gif (6781 bytes)  The forth album includes the songs ,Fun Fun Fun, Why Do Fools Fall In Love , Warmth of the Sun , Shut Down  Part Two, and the album is my favorite album of their erly work .




bblitdeuc.gif (6147 bytes)  The next album includes such work as Little Deuce Coupe, Ballad of Ole' Betsey, Be True to your School, plus many of the groups car classics .




bballsum.gif (7200 bytes) This album includes the songs All Summer Long, Hushabye, Little Honda, Wendy and much more and I beleive is Brian's next step up in changing the music for the boys and the world.




bbparty.gif (7351 bytes)  This is an overlooked album but it is a different fun album which you should have if you enjoy music. This album is the boys and their family and friends all sitting around and singing some new songs and some old songs but in a very different way. This album in Barbara-Ann ,Huuly Gully,Alley Opp and more.



bbstacko.gif (7115 bytes)  This is unusually album due to the boys do not sing! This album is for the music lovers who can appreciate the music behind the group which Brian wrote and can help you to understand the beauty and the genius behind this group.



bbconcert.gif (6591 bytes) This concert album has alo of fun cuts including Monster Mash , Papa -oom- Mow-Mow and graduation Day plus more.




bbsumdays.gif (7621 bytes)  This album includes such songs as California girls,Help Me Rhonda, Let Him Run Wild,Salt Lake City,Then I Kissed Her, plus much more.




bbtoday.gif (4826 bytes) This album moved Brian up another level and marked the end of the early years . This album includes songs such as , Please Let Me Wonder, Dance ,Dance , Dance,  plus  Do You want to Dance and the album version of Help me Rhonda and much more.



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