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Bruce Springsteen
and the E. Street Band

Bruce or THE BOSS as he was called did not start on his journey until 1972. His first hits were Greetings From Asbury Park and Blinded by the Light. These brought him onto the scene. Soon he could sell out Madison Square Garden or Brenden Burn Arena for ten nights.This wasn't true for all areas though. He stayed New York and New Jersey's love until 1975 when he came out with the album Born To Run. Bruce hit the top of the music business with Born in the USA . Personally, I feel Bruce made terrific songs which were only on his albums and yet everyone thought of them as singles. The one thing which no one can debate is that no one can do a concert like Bruce. His concerts were four hours long and sometimes even went longer. He always had everyone up on their feet. My favorite recording is a live recording where the audience sings the entire first verse of "Hungry Heart",  before Bruce can say a word. My favorite live performance song is "Fade Away" . All the lights would go out and Clarence would start making animal noises, it was great! My favorite live performance was when the band played the Capitol Theatre in New Jersey in 1978, however I also must say the concert at Brenden Burn Arena in 1983, which lasted six hours, was definitely a concert to remember.  One trivia of the 80"s which most people would not beleive is that Bruce never had a #1 song but everyone could sing many of his songs.  Bruce continues even today to push out his hits like his song, "Secret Garden"  in the movie Jerry McGuire. Bruce also has received many awards including a Grammy Award for his song, Streets of Philadelphia.

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Tom Brady


Springsteen played the Jersey club seen and Greenwich Village in the mid sixties and the E.street Band was formed in 1973 consisted of Clarence Clemons(sax) , david Sancious and Danny Federici (keyboards0 Gary Tallent (Bass) , and Vini Lopez (drums0 Ray Bittan,and Max weinberg ,Miami Stevens join the group in 1975.  The group had 15 top 40 billboard hits.  Springsteen also had three hits which other groups did - Fire, After, Blinded By The Light also were written by Springsteen.

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Back Street Highway

Bruce Springsteen Bootlegs

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Born In The USA Album

Born in The USA , Cover Me , Darlington County, I'm On Fire, Bobby Jean, Glory Days, My Hometown,and many other great songs !  This is diffently one of my favorite albums.   it is differently an album which should be in your collection!



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Some Bruce Songs

Born To Run

Thunder Road


Hungry Heart

Atlantic City

Dancing In The Dark

Born In The USA

Glory Days

Human Touch

Streets Of Philadelphia

Secret Garden


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Bruce Springsteen started out his musical career in high school by joining and creating various bands.  He started touring locally, and then began touring nation-wide a few years later.  In 1973, CBS released the album "Live From Asbury Park, NJ" which would become his first album.   In it, Springteen sang "Blinded By The Light" which was a #1 for Manfred Mann, and would become Springsteen's first song to place on the charts.  Shortly thereafter, Bruce and CBS produced another live album with the E-Street Band.  But it was not until 1975, and with his first studio album, that Bruce Springsteen would gain the attention of a national audience.

It was in 1975 that Bruce released the album "Born To Run."  The album quickly turned gold, and with its scenes of the city and gloomed mixed with a message of freedom and hope, became a rock standard.   The songs "Born To Run" and "Thunder Road" would become two of Springsteen's highest esteemed songs.

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In 1978 Bruce released the flip side of born to run with "Darkness On The Edge Of Town."  This contained the title track, plus the fan favorites "Adam Raised A Cain," "The Promised Land," "Candy's Room" and "Badlands."  The album continued in some ways where "Born To Run" left off, but instead of a message of potential hope, there was terror and doom.  But the album further established Bruce Springsteen as a musician.

Two years later, Springsteen released the album "The River" which contained more tracks then his first 2 albums combined.   In this album, the song "Hungry Heart" earned Bruce his first top-10 hit (which he performed.)  This album moved him closer to the Pop and even country scene, which upset some of his fans.  But he wasn't through.  Even though the album ranks among Rolling Stone's top albums of the 80's, many viewed it as a disappointment, when in fact it was a breakthrough for "The Boss."


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The album "Nebraska" was released in 1982, and some viewed it as a sign of Bruce Springsteen's decline.  This album would also be rated as one of the best albums of the 80's, but was entirely different from Springsteen's earlier albums.  Gone was the E-street band and the elaborate arrangements and enthralling music Bruce's fans had previously heard.  In its place was a harmonica and a steel stringed guitar with Springsteen's singing.   The album had songs about serial killers, and focused on the meanness, emptiness and sadness of the world.  Yet it managed to salvage something with its closing song "Reason To Believe" which gives a message of hope, albeit undefined.  Too many, this appeared to be the end of Springsteen's career.  His tour's were falling behind, even though he was still one of the most popular, and his albums seemed to be getting more dark and simple each time.  But Bruce Springsteen was not going to fade away into past stardom, he was about to assume Super stardom, and he would do so with his next album, "Born In The U.S.A."

"Born In The U.S.A." unquestionably is what gave Bruce superstar status, not only did the album contain 7 future top-10 hits, but the album was based around a setting and on a theme.  Unlike popular beliefs, it was not an album of praise to America, but in fact an album of protest, survival and even some patriotic feelings mixed together.  Yet, with such a catchy and muscled-up title tune, it soon became a favorite at 4th of July Parties.   The album, regarded up there with Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as the greatest of all time, it put Bruce in the spotlight.

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Yet, after 1984 Springsteen settled down, and although he would produce 3 albums in the next 10 years, they would not be of the caliber of his previous albums.  They would be what he wanted to produce, and that would cost him fans in the long run.  Bruce Springsteen revived his career in the Mid-90's with the Academy Award Winning song "Streets Of Philadelphia" and the song "Secret Garden."

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