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Brian Wilson 's Imagination Video


After I watched this video ,I was the overwheled by Brian's performace on the stage and to hear his new music done live is just something that no one should miss.  This video only helps you appreciate the new music which Brian has written for the Imagination album even more than listing to the CD. To hear some of the songs on the cd such as  Your Imagination, South American, Lay Down Burden, Cry, Happy Days,  and more this video is just undescribable . I prefered the song South American on the video more than on the cd due to the background vocals seem louder than the lead vocals and it seems to blend the song together better.  My favorite on the video is Lay Down Burden with the excellent video backgrounds of Brian walking through the woods thinking about his brothers and then seeing them on the screens at different times in their lives.  As I saw Brian , Carl and Dennis standing their in the video background as Brian was singing this great song it was unbeleiveable.

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It was also great to hear Brian sing some of his Beach Boys classics such as In My Room , Don,t Worry Baby, Keep an Eye On Summer , and more.   The other interesting factor of this tape is all the fellow musicians speaking about Brian. People such as Jimmy Buffet, Stevie Wonder, Shawn Lennon ,The Backstreet Boys and more all speaking of how Brian effected their careers.

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