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Brian Wilson

This is a  page  showing the signing  cermony at the New York Tower Records.  Some small facts about the day . The first fact is that the line was around the building ( largest Tower Record Store) and the line had a cut off point which is where Brian was to stop signing but many other people decided to wait past this point and hope that Brian would change his mind as he did.  Brian did decide to stay and sign something for evryone, which I felt was very nice of him.

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Above is a picture of Brian at the display where he was meeting everyone.  Another fact of the day is that VH-1 Was there filming the advent along with some newspapers .

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I found it amazing on everything which people had brought to get autographed by Brian . My suggestion next time there is a event like this is to go to it and take pictures of all the different and unusally things people bring to this sort of event.

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As seen above his wife ,Melinda was with him during this event. Another fact of interest was the crowd which stayed at this event and even rushed Brian as he ran into his waiting limo , which was waiting outside.

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A bunch of us stayed outside the store after Brian left and just talked about Brian's music and other events which Brian was in town to do. He was on the radio show with Howard Stern and was on the David Letterman show also.

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