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Other pages of bootleg cd of the Beach Boys and other groups. This is simply a listing of cd's which can be found. There is no cd's for sale at this site. This site is basically for collectors. Has a Al Jardine cd plus more.   -------Has brian wilson cd's including the new
                                                                          millenium Sweet Instanty cd.    ---- Hereos /good vibrations/surfs up/ Smile album   -- Smile cd 's    -- Smile cd's;id=86;go    --- Beach Boys clubs   ---- Smile Notes    ----- THe Other Doors - Two cd's without
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Note: these cd's are not listed on any of the above pages.



Smiling Pets------------  18 tracks by another group playing various smile and pet sound songs.

Rockin Rarites---------- This cd has Smile and other songs on it .

Alive and Smiling-------  Smile songs

Beach Boys rarites---------28 tracks of rare bb songs

Brain Wilson Smile and Solo songs --Smile and Sweet Instanty songs

Sweet Instanty ----British Version

Psychedelic Masterpiece--- Mix of the Smile album/Pepper alternate songs/Stones -majesty album


Lei'd IN Hawaii -------22 tracks

Time to Get Alone ---------2 cd set approx 35 tracks

All 20 Volumes of the SOT cd's

Sweet Instanty Millennium Editon

Adult Child Millennium Edition

Smile Millennium Edition

Beach Boys New Album 77

Dave Propoky 's 3 cd Smile

Beach Boys Rarites Cd Japan

Smile 2000 Edition -4 bonous tracks 30 mins extra

Al Jardine and the Boys

Smile Luna lu9200

Rockin Smile

Alive and smiling

The Elemnets

Noble Smile

Steves Smile

Rons Smile

Valley forge -live Smile

Smile- Advoid -New japan

The Lost Pepperland Reel-beatles

Srgt Peppers -1967 -Adam VII

Pepperland 2 cd set-beatles

Also most video tapes of the Beach Boys and Beatles




Paul Revere and the Raiders _- Greatest hits Volume #2  plus rare songs -- 28 tracks

Bruce Springsteen ---PASSAIC NIGHT ---3 cd set ---approx 35 songs






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