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These pictures along with many others were included in the booklet which came with the album "Spirit of 67".
These pictures show how the Raiders who were a great Rock Group  and then who became a legendary tv group , and these pictures show the group and how they all were great showmen.  It is my belief that due to the Raiders it inspired the major corporations to look for more of the same and when they could not find it they decided to make their own. The Raiders came before such groups as The Monkees and the Partridge Family just to name a few. The Raiders went on to other styles of real rock music and some great folk rock. Also the group's original lead singer Mark Lindsay went on to his solo career with such songs as "Arizona" and "Silverbird" to name a couple of his main solo songs.


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Paul Revere And The Raiders Albums


Date   ----- Peak Pos.----Wks. Charted----Name of Album

7/3/65-----71-------------45----------------Here They Come!---#9107

2/5/66-----5---------------43-----------------Just Like Us!-------#9251

6/11/66----9----------------43----------------Midnight Ride-----#9308

12/31/66---9----------------33----------------The Spirit Of 67---#9395

5/13/67-----15---------------47-----------------The Greatest Hits--#9462


3/2/68---------61-------------23---------------Goin To Memphis--#9605

9/14/68--------122-----------14-----------------Something Happening-#9665

4/5/69---------51--------------19----------------Hard 'N' Heavy----#9753

8/23/69---------48------------12-----------------Alias Pink Puzz--#9905

11/8/69---------166------------4-------------Two All Time Great Selling LP's
                                                                     reissue of Spirt and revolution



6/19/71----------19-------------20-----------Indian Reservation-#30768

7/8/72-------------143----------8-------------All Time Greatest Hits-#31464

Note No information on Raiders Greatest Hits Volume #2

Mark Lindsay Solo Albums



10/9/71-------------180----------2--------------You've Got A Freind-#30735

Note# From 1955 to present Paul Revere and The Raiders are #153 in the all time top artist with 2747 points scored due the weeks scored by their albums.

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In The Beginning
released on Jerden Records



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