The Beach Boys

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Mike Love

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Mike signing autographs!

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Pirvate show on top of the Time & Life Builing in NYC for Warner Brothers Executives

beatl2-2.JPG (27725 bytes)

I was the stage electrician for the show and got to walk the boys out to the limos.
and talk with everyone for awhile.

beacmov2.JPG (125148 bytes)

Poster for the Movie which tells the story of the Beach Boys "An American Band"

If you get the movie make sure you get the long  version which tells the story verses

the short version which you only get to see the videos of the boys throughout the years.


bbal69-2.JPG (13092 bytes)

A picture of Al when I was backstage in the 1969 White suit era

bbtic9-2.JPG (7929 bytes)

Yes ,this is the ticket to the 1969 show and yes the price was $5.00


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