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The group was orginally called the Quarrymen and then changed their name to The Silver Beatles, which at this point the group members were John , Paul, George and Stu Stutcliffe and their drumer Johnny Hutch. The group was from Liverpool ,England  but basically got their start in Hamburg ,Germany in the many clubs. Brian Epstein found the group in the legedary club in London called The Cavern and had the group release a song called My Bonnie as their first single on the MGM record label . The group then went on to release two other songs on the record label Tollie called Twist and Shout  and P. S. I Love You.
The group then moved onto Capitol records for the rest of their years where they meet up with George Martin who became the third creative force in the group. He suggested that Pete Best their current drummer be replaced by a guy from Rory Storm and the Hurricanes called Richard Starkey (Ringo) . At this point the group went on to their success and invaded the USA in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show!!

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She Loves You Ya , Ya Ya !!!

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There were many great groups in the sixty's however there was only one super group,"The Beatles", John,Paul,George,and Ringo and who would not know them. Yes, it all started in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show in New York when the Beatles first invaded America. "Love me Do" helped get them started but "She Loves You" is the song which put them on top. Throughout the early sixties they were the group which no one could beat, hit after hit. Then came 1966 with Sgrt Peppers, the album which changed music at the time and still is one of the all time greatest albums. From this point on, the Beatles only seemed to get better each album especially during the Apple years. Anyone who lived through this era can remember saying ,Did you get the new Beatle Album? They seemed to advance music with each album. Finally, in 1971 the greatest group disbanded. All of the members went on to record many solo albums.

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One Era Of Controvesty was the Yesterday and Today album cover


Proposed cover and released in Europe

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The album was released in June of 1966 and contain songs which the group had released in England and some new songs hence the name Yesterday and Today. The Cover was a John Lennon idea, where the band would pose with overalls holding chunks of raw meat and the bloody arms and legs of childrens dolls. the Photo was taken by Robert Whitaker and was not accepted by the American public and Capitol re-called as many of the 750,000 albums as they could find.

USA Released Cover

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The next Controvesty for the group was when John Lennon said the group was more popular tha Jesus Christ in a simply statement and it was taken the wrong way and people were burning Beatle albums in the streets.


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It was rumoured in 1969 that Paul was killed in a car accident in 1966.The Beatles always enjoyed putting some hidden meaning into their album covers and people always enjoyed finding these secrets out but sometimes things went to far. This was so out of hand that it was on the evening news each night with more clues on why Paul was dead. Some of the clues were -- a floral bass  on Srgt Peppers cover/ Hand over Pauls head-same cover/inside cover of Pepper Paul back was turned to the camera/OPD on the sleeve Offically Promounced Dead/ Magical Mystery Tour clues- He was the warlus/ paul was the only one with a black rose on/ Abbey Raod clues-- The funerualprocession with Paul in Bare feet/ Police car by the accident/Volkswagon plate was paul's age/

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Some Beatles Songs to Remember
Love Me Do

Please , Please Me

She Loves You

I Want to Hold Your Hand

A Hard Days Night



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Yellow Submarine

Penny Lane

With a Little Help From My Friends

Hello Goodbye

Hey Jude

Get Back

Come Together

Let It Be

The Long And Winding Road

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And the White Album!!


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The Beatles album "Sgrt Peppers " released in 1966 . The album was the first theme albums released and changed music   Forever!! It Contains many great songs ,such as : With A Little Help From My Friends, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, When I'm Sixty-Four, Lovely Rita, Good Morning Good Morning,A Day In The Life , and many many more great songs!

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Srgt Peppers Trivia

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#1---  Paul came up with the idea of the Pepper Band.

#2--- Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds album influence John/Paul/and George Martin to make the Pepper Album.

#3--- Help from my friends was Ringo's standard single song on each album by John and Paul.

#4--- Good Morning was made by John due to his love the Corn Flakes commerical.

#5--- Strawberry Fields was orginally to be on the album.

#6--- Lucy In The Sky was taken from a photo which Jullian Lennon had drawn and was not about drugs.

#7--- When I 64 and Love Rita were both un-finished songs one by John and one by Paul which george Martin left 28 bars in between and later filled in with music.

#8--- John and Paul were not present during the recording of Georges song.

#9--- Capitol Records/EMI did not want to release the cover orginally.

#10---Mr. Kite  lyrics were  taken from a poster which John owned.

#11--- Srgt Peppers was the first album to have a folding cover

#12--- Srgt Pepper was the first album to put the words of the songs on the album cover .

-45_Strawberry_Fields-Penny_Lane_a.jpg (19621 bytes)-------The Song was almost part of the Srgt Pepper Album

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Abbey Road

This album was recorded after the Let It be Album and was the last recording by the group however the Let It Be album was released after the Abbey Road album in the USA.

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This was the last album which the Beatles recorded and is definitely one of their best works!  This album includes such songs as: "Come Together" , "Something, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer," " Octopus's Garden," " Here Comes The Sun," "Sun King," "Mean Mr. Mustard,"   "The End," and many other great songs


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Apple Records

Apple records was the groups own label but was distributed by Capitol/EMI . The green side of the record was the A side and the White side was the B side.  The White Album was the first album to be on Apple records. Some other artist did appear on the label such as Badfinger , Mary Hopkins, and Billy Gibson.. The company did go into other areas such as stores where they gave everything away for free !! Apple was one of the main reasons which the group admitted helped break them up .

Beatles Trivia

#1---Orginal name of the group was , The Quarrymen and then The Silver Beatles.

#2---Pete Best is sometimes called the fifth Beatle due to he was in the orginal group.

#3---In 1966 for approximately six months ,everyone beleived that Paul was dead . This story even made the six o'clock  news. Some of the clues for this story included the picture above , Abbey Road Cover , Paul did not have shoes on ,  If you played the song I Am The Walrus , backwards it would say Paul is Dead! . There were many other clues also on this subject.

#4---The Beatles started their own record label which was called "Apple" but was still distributed by Capitol Records. They started the label in 1968 and the Beatles doulbe album was the first album released on this label.

#5---The Beatles broke up in 1972 ,however all the members continued on with thier solo careers.

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The Beatles had 49 top 40 hits on the Billboard charts. The first song which was on the charts was "I want To Hold Your Hand" in 1/25/64. The groups was known as the Quarrymen,Johnny&the Moondogs,The Rainbows and The Silver Beatles.Names The Beatles in 1960. The orginal group members were John Lennon, Paul McCarthy,george Harrison,Stu Sutciffe(bass)and Pete Best(drums) Stu left in April of 1961 died 4/10/62 and Paul Moved to Bass. Pete was replaced by Ringo in August 1962. Group Manager Brian Epstein died in 8/27/67  George Martin was the group's producer . The first US tour was in 2/64 . The group's Apple label was created in 1968.  The group disbanded in 4/17/70 and was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 1988. Only Elvis Presley had more top 40 singles than the group however the Beatles did have the most #1 singles.


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