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Brothers Records Company

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The Beach Boys were the first group ever to have their own record label. The label was orginally created for Brian to
release his more creative work. There were going to be material released without the Beach Boys name which was going to be Brian 's more creative work. However, the single "Hereos and Villians" which was the first record released on the Beach Boys record label in 1967.I also own another record which is called "Gettin Hungry" with Brian Wilson and Mike Love names on the record by themseleves. The Beach Boys also had other groups on the label such as Flame and the Honey's.The group "The Flame " did release a single on the label.
One other quick trivia of the label was a group called "Redwood" which had recorded one song and was going to record
another song called "Darlin" but instead quit the label and went to ABC records and released a song called "One" ,
Yes the group was Three Dog Night.  The one and only "SMILE" album was to be the first album released on the label
however when it was not released the Beach Boys released the album "Smilely Smile" which was distributed by
Capitol Records but was on the Brother Record Label.   After  another few albums to be distruted by Capitol records
the group switched to the Reprise label but still would have the Brother Records   label on them ,which would symbolize
the group owning the music on the album. Next the group switched  to CBS records and the Brothers records symbol
would still appear on the album to symbolize the group owning the music. Recently the group has switched back to Capitol
Records and the group's label was now called Brothers Entertainment, however the Company called Brother records still exists..


The cover for the single called "Hereos and Villians" This cover was also used on the Heroes and Villains bootleg cd.



This is one version of the cover which was supposed to be released by Capitol and is beleive the correct version of the cover art . Capitol had already made 450,000 copies of the cover and the booket which was to go with the album which was never released.  Capitol was the ditributor for Brother Records.



This is another version of the same album cover.

This is the cover of the lp released on Brother Records .

This is a sample of what a brother record Label appeared like. This is actually the second side of  the SMILE album.


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Brothers Record Symbol
The Indian on the Horse
The Records were tan in color


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