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Sunflower Album

Includes: Add Some Music To Your Day, Tears In  The Morning, Forever, Cool Cool Water and more!  This is considered by many the groups best album.

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Surf's Up Album

Includes:  Til I Die, Surf's Up, Disney Girls, Student Demonstration Time, Don't Go Near The Water and many more great songs. This album was accepted by the credits by did not do well comercially.

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The Holland album which includes Sail On Sailor,California Saga, and Brian' s one and only Mt Vernon and Fairway.

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Carl and the Passions / So Tough album
includes: Marcella,Here She Comes


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15 Big Ones album

includes: Rock and Roll Music, It's OK , Had to Phone Ya,That Same Song, Suie Cincinnati, and more!

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Love Ya album

includes: Good Timin, Mona, Airplane, Roller Skating Child,
and much more.  This is a favorite album of many fans.


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MIU album

includes: She's Got Rhythm, Come Go With Me, Kona Coast, Peggy Sue and more.

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Keepin' The Summer Alive album

includes:  Goin On , School Day, Endless Harmony, When Girls Get Together, Santa Ana Winds and more.

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LA Light album

includes: Good Timin'  , Lady Lynda , Full Sail, Sumahama, Here Comes The Night, and more . Also a fan favorite.

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The Beach Boys album

includes : Getcha Back, She Believes In Love Again, California Calling, It's Just A Matter Of Time. and more.

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includes:-Kokomo , Still Cruisin' , Island Girl, Somewhere Near Japan , In My Car ,plus many many more.

This album included songs from alot of the major movies which their songs were used. This album also includes their #1 hit song Kokkomo which was from the movie Cocktail.

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includes:- Summer In Paradise, Hot Fun In The Summertime, Summer Of Love, Island Fever, Under The Boadwalk, and many others!

This album was made to help the enviroment and really should have done better commercially than it did. If you can get the British inport of this album which has some improved cuts of the same songs , I would recomend that you do that instead.

As I am sure that all of you are aware the this is not all the albums which the group released throughtout the years and it is not any of the albums which the general public is use to seeing when you mention the words ,"The Beach Boys". The group also released albums : Surfin Sarfari , Surfin USA, Surfer Girl, Shut Down Vol.2 , Little Deuce Coupe, All Summer Long, Summer Days and Summer Nights, The Beach Boys Today, Party, Stack-o -Tracks,Beach Boys Concert,Smiley Smile,Wild Honey,20/20 , Freinds and of course Pet Sounds . All of the above mention albums have most of the hits which you are use to hearing as The Beach Boys sound.  Every song on these albums are great plus all the hits however his page is to show you that there was /is another side of the group which most people are not familiar with. Everyone who did give these ablums a chance did fall in love with the group after they realize how much more there was to the group besides the surfin side of the group musically history. I hope that you also take time and check out one these albums by The Beach Boys!  Enjoy !

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