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The Beach Boys started the California sound with their surfing music and car songs. They were our main defense against the British Rock invasion of the early 60's.The members of the group were the brothers, who were Brian, Dennis,and Carl Wison,plus their cousin Mike Love and Brian's high school friend, Al Jardin. The group had a string of successful albums which we are all familiar with. The albums were "Surfin Safari" , "Surfin USA", Surfer Girl", " Shut Down Volume 2", "Little Deuce Coupe","All Summer Long" "Beach Boys Party", "The Beach Boys Today", "Summer Days and Summer Nights!!", "Beach Boys Concert" which had several hits on each album. The group had many two sided hits such as "Surfin",on the A side and "409" on the B side. In 1965, Brian decided to stop touring and go further with his music. This is when we were rewarded with the American Masterpiece -Pet Sounds. This album changed music forever with an instrumental change of chords,different instruments and other things, they formed a sound never heard before. The next step was the one which took the Beach Boys past what the Beatles had done and made them the number one band in the world,it was "Good Vibrations". This was the most expensive single ever made,of this era, and took six weeks to make while utilizing five different studios. The next step for the group was their album, "Smile", which is in my opinion, the most famous unreleased album ever. Due to many conflicts between the boys and Brian and some personal problems of Brian's the album was never released. There are many different bootlegs of the "Smile" album. Instead the group released "Smiley Smile" an album which was a compromise of what the orginal album was to be.The group then went on to record other albums for Capitol which were of a different style,such as "Wild Honey","Friends", "20/20" and they are enjoyable listening music. These albums contained such hits as "Darlin","Do It Again","I Can Hear Music" as well as many other incredible songs. The group then switched record labels and released another great album "Sunflower" ,which I feel is a very underrated album.Then the group released some of the best material of this era, which was "Surfs Up","Holland","Beach Boys in Concert",and "Carl and the Passions". The group again switched labels and recorded much more good music with albums such as "Love You","15 Big Ones","MIU","Keepin The Summer Alive", "LA Light" and in 1985, "The Beach Boys". The group went back to Capitol for their "Still Cruisin" album which included the hit "Kokomo" and then they made the albums "Summer in Paradise" and "Stars and Stripes". The Beach Boys are still recording today and are still a top concert group throughout the world. Brian may record with them again but he has recently completed work on his current solo album called "Imagination". In the history of the Beach Boys,there were only two official videos made, the first is called "American Band" and the second is called "Endless Harmony" ,which has a excellent audio cd by the same name.

In the new album, for the girls called "The Wilsons", Brian Wilson and his daughters, Carnie and Wendy sing "Everything I Need" (written with Tony Asher,Brian's main lyricist on Pet Sounds), a remake of "'Til I Die," and a song called "Sweetie." Brian has completed work on a new solo album released in 1998. Some of the recording was done in Brian's home studio in St. Charles,Illinois. His new album is called "Imagination". Dennis Wilson died in 1983 on a friend's sailboat and Carl Wilson passed away from cancer in early 1998. Al Jardine has started work on a solo album,with his sons Matt and Adam. He is currently performing with his new group, Beach Boys Family & Friends,with sons,Matt and Adam,Brian's daughters,Carnie and Wendy, Cass Elliot's daughter, Owen, and band members, Daryl Dragon,Billy Hinsche,Ed Carter & Ritchie Canata,but will return to play with the Beach Boys. Mike Love is currently touring with the Beach Boys with Bruce Johnston, lead guitarist, David Marks and Adrian Baker.

Tom Brady

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Some Beach Boys Songs

Surfin Safari

Surfer Girl

The Warmth Of The Sun

Surfin USA

Little Deuce Coupe

In My Room

Shut Down

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Fun Fun Fun

I Get Around

California Girls

Help Me Rhonda

Wouldn't It Be Nice

God Only Knows

Sloop John B

Good Vibrations
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I Can Hear Music

Surf's Up

Rock and Roll Music

California Dreamin'


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General Facts

The Beach Boys have 34 top 40 singles which have made the Billboards Charts.Their first hit was a song called Surfin however the song Surfin Safari was their first top 40 single back in 1962. Known in high school as Kenny & The Cadets ,Carl & The Passions, and then as The Pendletones. They first recorded on X/Candix in 1961 . Jardine was was replaced by David Marks from  March 1962 to March 1963 . Brian was replaced by Glen Campbell and then Bruce Johnson in April 1965 as far as personal appearances. Dennis Wilson drowned on 12/28/83 . Carl Wilson passed away from canceer in 1999. The group was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1988. The group has approxamatey 30 albums of new material not counting other releases of  their material. The groups later material is offen overlooked and has some of their best work during these years such as the songs Surf's Up/It's Ok/ Come Go With Me , just to name a couple of their better songs in this era.

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PETS SOUNDS was voted #1 altime album by the musicians industry
PETS SOUNDS was voted #3 by VH-1 for the altime albums

This is the Beach Boys Pet Sounds Album which many people say changed the course of music forever. This is definitely Brian Wilson's American Masterpiece Album and has been voted the Greatest album of All Time!!!

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This is the Most Famous unreleased albums Ever!!! The Beach Boys SMILE album which is only available on bootleg. If you can possible get a copy of this album it is definetly worth it! You can see where Brian intended to take the music industry next!!  It Includes songs such as : Heroes and Villains, Wind Chimes, Wonderful, Mrs. O'Leary's Cow,Vega-Tables Surfs Up, Do you Like Worms, Tones, Cabin Essence and many other great songs.

Visit two of our Smile websites at :



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Beach Boy Trivia

#1---The Beach Boys started the group in 1961 when their parents went away for the weekend and they used the money which their parents left them to rent instruments and they rehearsed the song " Surfin" When Hite Morgan heard it he recorded them singing the song. The Beach Boys didn't have to pay for studio time.

#2---The Beach Boys were the number one band in the world in 1966 after recording their hit song Good Vibrations and their great album Pet Sounds!

#3---Charles Manson wrote a song for the Beach Boys and was living in Dennis's house for awhile.

#4---Brian Stopped touring in 1965. His first replacement was Glen Campbell, then Bruce Johnston took the spot.

#5---Murry Wilson, the boys father was their manager. The Beach Boys were the first group not to have a representive from the record company to assist them, after the second album. George Martin was the Beatles record company's representive.

#6--- The Beach Boys were the first group to have their own label . Their label was called Brother Records. The single Heroes and Villains was the first record released on the label.

#7---The Secretary of the Interior , James Watt, stopped the Beach Boys from playing in Washington Monument in 1984 however  after protest from many fans, President Reagan invite the boys to the White House and they played there that year.

#8--- Brian has received many awards including The Greatest Single Ever Made : Good Vibrations and the #1 greatest album of all time " Pet Sounds".

#9---Paul McCartney has given credit to the Pet Sounds album as the inspiration to the Beatles album Sgt. Peppers, and also  has said that the song "God only Knows" is the greatest single ever made. It was rumored that Paul was also on the song Vega-Tables which was going to be on the beach boys SMILE album .

#10---The Beach Boys were the first rock group with their own record label which is called Brother Records.

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Beach Boy's Fan Club's HomePage

The Brian Wilson Fan Club's Home Page

Mike Wheeler's Home Page

The Heroes and Villans Home Page

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BEACH BOYS ---Currently are still touring with members of the orginal group being Mike Love and Bruce Johnson.

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FREINDS AND FAMILY---Currently touring with orginal member of the beach boys AL Jardine touring with his sons and Brian Wilson's daughters Carnie and Wendy.

David Marks -- touring with his solo career  you may check his website in the bb webring.

Brian Wilson is continuing on with his solo career and is now touring plus he has released a few new albums which can be seen at his website at :

Dennis Wilson passed away in 1983 as he drowned just off his sail boat. There are many websites about him in the beach boys webring.

Carl Wilson passed away from canceer in 1999 and there is also many websites about him in the beach boys webring.

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Al Jardine's Family and Friends





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