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As the new Raiders also were accepted by the rock world and the group continued with their chain of hits which at this time consisted of such songs as Mr.Sun Mr. Moon, Let Me, Give Peace a Chance and many many more such songs. During this time period Mark did all the lead vocals.

ramkplbk.JPG (16133 bytes)Mark and Paul were the groups two steady members . Mark was the lead singer of the group and wrote and produced many of the songs which the group did and Paul was more the businessman of the group and was a main part of their stage act. Both memebers of the group also hosted their tv shows  "It's Happening" and " Happening 68" .

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Freddy               Joe Jr.                 Charlie

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At this time the two hottest groups were the Raiders and the Monkees.  Also here is a trivia of the two groups.
Both did the song "I'm not your Steppin Stone" Who did it first?    The answer is the Raiders!!!!!The Raiders  were thinking of releasing the song as a single but never did .

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Charlie and Mark Back stage before a show.

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     Win A Bracelet From Mark!

Judy Fencl has been crazy for Mark for some time now ,her "Absolute Idol" Mark went all out for Judy and sent her a beautiful sterling silver I.D. bracelet with "To Judy From Mark" engraved on it!

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Win a Shirt from Mark or a Hat from Fang!

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Mark and the Raiders were in every Tenn Magazine during this era!!!

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