Paul Revere And The Raiders

Singles and Picture Sleeve Covers


Like Long Hair        japan4.jpg (18547 bytes)


Louie Louie


Steppin Out  

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Louie Come Home


Just Like Me




HungryjMrSunWOYjapan.jpg (31883 bytes)



The Gaeat Airplane Strike




Good Thing                                  prpcgt.JPG (21779 bytes)


Ups And Downs


Him or Me -What's It Gonna Be?


I Had A Dream


Peace of Mind


To Much Talk                          prpchm1.JPG (22821 bytes)


Don't Take It So Hard


Cindella Sunshine


Mr Sun , Mr Moon

jOverIHADjapan.jpg (41046 bytes)


Let Me



We Gotta All Get Together


                                             prpchm2.JPG (23752 bytes)


Just Seventeen


Indian Reservation


Birds of a Feather


Country Wine


Powder Blue Mercedes Queen

                                                 prpeace.jpg (45444 bytes)                                               Peace of Mind

Song Seller


Love Song


Other  Well Known Songs By The Group


Where The Action Is!

                                                                                     Do Unto Others

prrind.jpg (47276 bytes)SS 396


Happening 68


It's Happening


Jugde GTO Breakawy


                                                                                                  Mr. Sun , Mr. Moon

prrmoon.jpg (41919 bytes)Melody of An Unknown Girl




Legend Of  Paul Revere


I'm Not Your Steppin Stone


Mark Lindsay's Singles

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Silver Bird


Miss America


We've Only Just Begun

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Video Dreams







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