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During the sixties and the seventies you could not buy a teen magazine without seeing Paul Revere and the Raiders and especially Mark Lindsay.  During this period the Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Monkees and also Herman's  Hermits were all in these magazines every week but The Raiders were number one in these magazines. This is just another example of how the Raiders affected this era of music besides their tv shows and all of their many hit records. This website will show you only a few examples of their many appearances in these magazines.

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raactmf.JPG (11923 bytes)These are  some pictures from the Dick Clark tv Show which starred Paul Revere and The Raiders.  Keith Allison also starred in this show as a solo act but he later became a Raider himself.

The Raiders had about 750 hours of airtime on tv and were the most seen group of this era. Mark and Fang became the two which most girls went after with Mark differently being number one.  However all the group was featured in some way in these magazines.


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Above left is a picture of Fang ( Phil Volk ) which was in a three page interview with him . The article started like this:       "Yes most people just see my smiling happy side, but there's more of a depressed and moody sideof methan a lot of people realize"
It was Fang speaking : the happy go-lucky Raiderwho prances happily across the television sets of the nation everyday on "Action" , grinning out at us from the other side of the camera. But,there's another side of that grinas well. There's another side of Phil Volk a very deep and complex sidewhich no camera will ever see.

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      Here is some pictures of Mark during the Action era. During this time period he was always one of the hottest guys around in the young girls polls.  Above is a picture of Mark in his Aribian costume for his song "Aribian Nights" which is a great song on the Raiders 'Spirit of 67" album. Mark was the front man of the group and did most of the lead vocals . During this period the group was one of the major rock groups of the era but their fantatic showmanship sometimes made us forget how great their music is.

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Below this was a ballot you could send in to vote for which group was number one! 


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