Mark Lindsay

Teen Idol

At the one point in time you could not pick up a Teen Magazine without seeing the name Mark Lindsay ,in fact they only had to write the word Mark and everyone knew who they meant. Many have held this postition but I do not recall anyone being on top as long and as far on top as Mark.

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ramkcat.JPG (40995 bytes)Yes That is Mark and who is he with?

Is this Sparky?


By the way -Who can name Mark's Cleaning lady during this era?

It was Leslie!!!

Yes no one can do it like Leslie can!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for naming me,Mark and the Raiders the best group of the year . I hope that, no matter what the future holds, we may continue to make you happy with our music and our shows. Once again ,thanks for everything.

Paul Revere



ramkferi.JPG (21344 bytes)Yes this is the one and only Ferri which Mark owned during the time period when he live together with Terry Mercher .

There are many interesting stories of this period.



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Raider Rooter Debbie Weisner of Pittsburg ,Pa. is in Seventh Heaven For the duration,thanks to Mark Lindsay . Mark sent her one of his very own Hamlet shirts. Mark also enclosed a personal handwritten note so that Debbie can prove any "Doubting Thomases" that her Dreamsville jackpot is for real!






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